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What moves me continue to translate
Deschner’s book is perfectly depicted in
this hilarious caricature.

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Dangerous and suicidal advice from the most dangerous and influential Jew in Jewish history—the King of the Jews, Jesus Christ.

But do you see?: the caricature expresses why I focus on the Aryan problem more than the J problem: a family of Chinese or a family of the other competing tribe, the Muslims, are completely immune. It’s starry-eyed Whites like the ones in the pic who love this preposterous stuff!

I didn’t think of that though I am of course aware that it’s only Whites who are deeply affected by Christianity. This is a weakness in Whites, and will perhaps prove itself to be a fatal weakness.
But if Whites are so influenced by this pacifist preaching then wouldn’t they have become intoxicated with a similar doctrine earlier than Christianity? Why was it only around 2,000 years ago that they became infected by peace and love ideas? Perhaps it was because Jews were the first people to preach those ideas in history (if so it is an irony that the first proponents of peace, equality and love were the most soulless psychopathic killers the world has ever known).
It is interesting how susceptible the host (Aryans) is to the parasite (Jews). Almost like the two are made for each other. I speculate Nature created the Jews to test Aryans by giving Jews a killer instinct for exploiting our weaknesses. If Aryans cannot overcome their own weaknesses then they will go extinct.

Now that I am rereading Evropa Soberana, Deschner and other scholars of the New Testament I made a huge discovery: the evangelists were probably gentiles, not jews.
They not only used the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament translated in Alexandria: in the Passion narratives they often placed the blame on the jews to exonerate the Romans.
For instance, the very first book of the NT is Matthew’s gospel. It is famous for the curse that has come upon the jews because of their crime of deicide (Mt. 23: 33-6), ‘On you will fall the guilt of all the innocent blood split on the ground’, and in Mt 27:26: ‘His blood’, the evangelist makes the kikes say about Jesus, ‘be on us, and our children’.
I was shocked, as the past weeks I expected to find that the evangelists were Hellenised jews. It now looks like they were Judaised gentiles, which means that the root problem is more Aryan than Jewish.
Remember what Revilo Oliver says about the Buddha: a deranged altruism that ended India’s caste system was initiated by a nutty redhead white (sans jews).
Don’t get me wrong. Aryan compassion is OK. It is only when you add mysticism that whites become suicidal, with jews (Xtianity) or without them (Buddhism).
I see the jews, as you know, as a secondary opportunistic infection to a mind already infected with mystery cults (keep tuned for the next three months on my series on Gore Vidal’s novel).

Interesting. But if it was Aryans who created Christianity then that means Aryans have created two value systems in complete opposition to each other-that of Paganism and that of Christianity. Or better put that of Christianity and that of National Socialism. Which would mean Aryans are both the creators of the problem and the solution to the problem.
I agree that the Jews are a secondary problem, a consequence of the root problem which is an Aryan problem, as you put it an opportunistic infection (which was my point about how susceptible Aryans are to Jewish manipulation, it’s because of Aryan weaknesses that Jews are able to thrive in their exploitation of us).
Looking at the Aryan race today, it is amazing how far they have taking the principle of non-discrimination rooted in Christianity to the point where they promote evils like transsexualism and protect Muslim pedophiles who rape their own children. The Christianity of the past would not have supported that. Although the current insane ethics first appeared with Christianity they have outstripped Christianity itself (in the sense of belief in Jesus rising from the dead etc., lots of suicidal Aryans no longer believe in the Christian mythology) as well as liberalism and Marxism, taking on a life of their own. The entire current paradigm of Western civilization is built in reaction to, and as the opposite of, National Socialism.

Maybe I exaggerated above (‘which means that the root problem is more Aryan than Jewish’) because the fact that the evangelists sided the Romans and cursed the Jews does not mean that they were ‘Aryans’. They were probably gentiles, but Aryans? See the above representation of Matthew.
The case of the author of the Book of Revelation is different, as he hated Rome with all his heart and dreamt about a ‘New Jerusalem’ right after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. John of Patmos may have been a jew.
What happens today is different: it’s a post WW2 mass psychosis among whites that has to do with degeneracy, jewish brainwash, groupthink and virtue signalling. A secular mutation of the Judeo-Christian seed has grown, but now it’s a baobab that has engulfed the planet of the Little Prince.

> It is only when you add mysticism that whites become suicidal,
Could you please elaborate on the factor of mysticism?
In current cultural marxist era there is no mysticism, every social action is based on material aspect of human life. Immigration is argued for on the basis of improving the material status on both sides, on receiver’s (non-Europeans’) side and on the giver’s side (quasi economic boost).
There is no other aspect in pro-immigration argument as material.

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