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Fuck the British!

How many British men allowed this*
to happen without going full Breivik?

Andrew Anglin


(*) Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted
one million youngsters in the UK.

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All British men allowed this except for one—Thomas Mair.
As of note, I came across a Breivik quote published on the Universal Order/siegeculture.com website today. He said “It was neither a Christian, nor a counter-jihadist who acted on 7/22 but rather one of the most fanatical National Socialists in Northern Europe.” Breivik is a Nordicist today.

Actually, I thought Breivik did it because the protesters wanted to ‘boycott Israel’. I never realised he was actually one of us.
Nevertheless, I liked what Harold Covington said when he said that Thomas Mair permanently made Jo Cox STOP.

It is believed his counter-jihadist rationalisation in the Manifesto and at trial was just a cover. After he had been sentenced, he revealed that his true beliefs are National Socialist.

I think if someone is to take violent and just action, people should target politicians or synagogues, as they enabled the mud-skin violence to occur in the first place. like James Mason himself said start from the top, not the bottom. that is what Thomas Mair did.

Agreed a hundred percent. That’s why Breivik and Dylann’s actions were misguided. My idea is starting with the anchors, threatening them with the words: ‘any anti-white message is punishable by death’, which actually means all of the MSM. A hundred of hit-and-run freedom fighters in any Western country could break the spell.

White Men who want to serve their race seriously are not deterred by life in prison, torture or death. See: Joseph Paul Franklin, Bob Mathews, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof etc. for examples.
It’s not that it’s impossible for us to fight, it’s just that we are all too cowardly to do so, we value our comfortable lives more than racial duty. Unless a LOT more white males muster up the courage of the above men it is probably all over for the White race. And it is not the Jews to blame, there is no-one to blame but the cowardice of white males themselves.

@ C.T.
Well then, perhaps you could start with the news anchors in your own country? Or come to Britain – we have open borders, apparently, so we let any rubbish in – bring a gun or two with you, and set to work.
What’s stopping you setting the example? The library books can wait.

Latin America is far too gone: there’s nothing to do here. Only countries that have white DNA really matter. And I never said that actions should start right now in England, only that they are cowards. Non-coward Brits would now be reading Pierce’s novels (listen last WDH radio show and pay attention to what I told Jez Turner) and have Hitlerism as their new religion .

@ tom
why should c.t. emulate others? and yourself? life deals us different hands. and we choose different gaming tables. a big mixup. i think c.t.’s a great librarian. mining lots of good stuff i’d not come across before. doing a great job. what’s your stint so far?

The British and the Americans are the SOLE reason the Jew had his triumph in the XX century. I wouldn’t blame the French as much, they had some legitimate grudges at least.
And imagine, those who returned from the war, 15 years later condoned the rise of rock’n’roll and the black rights movement! Having money, status, families, full White majority – the entire society caved in to the Jew like never before.
The uglo-sucksons have been the ideal cucks for a century.

That is why all of London has to go, I would plant the bomb(s) and press the button myself without a moments hesitation.
This is coming from an Englishman by the way. It is not only that I feel a racial alien in my own home, I also feel alienated from the other whites too, especially my own hedonistic, Judaised family members.
Cesar: you have described it several times as felling like Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. The way I see it is it all has to go, the whole rotten thing and the people too. The only ones who should survive are the ones who are in your own words: ‘The most beautiful Aryans with good heart for nature, the children and the animals.’

You won’t believe it but since I visited London for the fist time (May 1982), when no people of the colour of shit were visible on the streets, I thought there was something seriously rotten in the city (Dostoyevski thought the same in the 19th century!) and have fantasised to abduct, with an UFO (a sort of modern Noah’s Ark), the precious English roses before nuking the sin city.
Curiously, British Arthur C. Clarke, himself a degenerate, had a similar fantasy in one of his short sic-fi stories but there London was nuked after the people was removed. I believe that they must be incinerated excepting the nymphs: the only humans worth of being saved.

No white coward is a ‘victim’. He’s actually worse than the Jew. After John Tyndall died 12 years ago, which Briton has a voice that sounds like the voice of a real man?

John Tyndall was like Englishmen used to be before 1945 when they were lords of the earth with the largest empire in human history. He was a genetic throwback who was mostly immune to the degeneracy and decay encompassing Whites since the Second World War.
British men of 100 years ago would not have allowed Muslims to sexually abuse English girls. Muslims wouldn’t have even been allowed to live in the UK in 1917. There was only 1 mosque in Britain 100 years ago and that had been built by a Jew (surprise, surprise).

All evidence points to that conclusion. Of course we can hope that’s not the case, but that’s just a pathetic hope.

But could new generations, like the teens who watch The Daily Stormer, make a difference in the future? (Like me Jez believes that a financial crash could start to turn the tide.)

It’s always possible for new generations to make a difference in the future. With each new generation that comes into being, their action of lack of action becomes more decisive for White survival. The Baby Boomer generation failed to act effectively, but younger generations have a chance to carry out effective action.
If things continue to get worse and this extinction scenario plays itself out to the end then eventually there will be one generation who’s actions will be completely dicisive in determining whether Aryans survive or go extinct. I don’t know in how many generations time that would be but if no new generation manages to halt the decline then that situation will eventually occur.

Also it is a shame that our race’s allies were the fucking Japs of all people. they have always been the most impressive and admirable of all non-white races, though they are as degenerate as we are minus the immigration of course.
they were our true friends and they were not even white! The Anglos should be ashamed of themselves, though that goes without saying.

i’d dispute the statement they were our true friends. rather both germany and japan’s common adversary was russia. both were allies in chosing the feasible alternative, attacking russia from 2 sides was the most likely to succeed. how wrong am i about ww2 history?

Good point. I was exaggerating a bit with them being ‘our true friends’. I suppose what I mean is that Japan was the only really big military power that helped our race, although you could argue they would be our main racial enemies in the future, if Hitler had won.
I think that’s what nature does: it always pits two races against each other to test their worth. That’s most likely what the Jew is- An ancient enemy, like Tolkien’s Melkor.

Just for the record, you and a couple of commenters in this thread are from the UK, but they don’t seem to be offended by the above quote.
Last time I visited the UK I was shocked that nobody seemed furious to see Negroes and Muslims with beautiful English girls.
Am I supposed to love today’s cucks?

when I was in London’s East End about two years ago where I had no choice but to go to,I noticed that I was surrounded by thousands of Somalians, more so than in my hometown. As sad as it was disturbing, I would see white women of quite good breeding stock, not Nordic necessarily,but white. they would walk in my direction with prams and as they got closer I feasted my eyes upon squalling goblin-imps: the product of… well,I think we all know what ‘produced’ them.
Even though I was racially conscious back then, it was the final straw that broke the camel’s back (the camel being my sympathy towards other whites, even the ones who didn’t necessarily interact with niggers but who were still sick at least on the inside).
It wasn’t quite the FINAL straw for this particular camel. That straw hasn’t come down yet, and it probably won’t for a while.
We shall see which way the wind blows.

I marvel sometimes at the deliberate thick-headedness of the people I interact with online.
How can a real British person not be offended by “Fuck the British”..? The point is obvious – almost superfluous.
Either the other commenters you mention are not in fact British and are lying (very easy to do on the internet) or they are the living and breathing embodiment of what people like you pejoratively call “cucks”. Only such a specimen would stand by and watch his people and country be insulted.
I won’t.
Your impressions of Britain (by the way, for your information, a real “uncucked” British person never uses ‘UK’) are neither here nor there. You are now conversing with a real British person and I’m telling you that whatever your impressions of my country, you do not know what British people think in private any more than I know what people in your country think – and I would certainly not presume to tell you that people in your country are deficient and I would not insult your country. It’s unintelligent.
As I have mentioned elsewhere, Britophobia (especially Anglophobia) is the last permitted anti-white bigotry of the Alt Right –
the Alt Right being an American movement and most white Americans, let us remember, are of German ancestry. It is politically-correct both within the Alt Right and within wider society to have a bash at the British, especially the English, and this is just a further iteration of the tendency. Nobody says ‘Fuck the Swedes’.
As an aside, I would observe that it is also, in some quarters, the corollary of the Alt Right’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, Orientophilia, in which certain people (present company excluded, of course) seem determined to convince the rest of us that North-East Asians have superior IQs, ignoring all available historical evidence, in favour of being nice to a seemingly pleasant minority in the Western United States and thus earning a defence shield against accusations of bigotry.

Perhaps you missed the memo: I have written entries with titles such as ‘Fuck the US’, ‘Fuck Christianity’, ‘Fuck Canadians’ and more.
What I observed in my latest trip to the UK can be read here and in the book I’ve almost finished (part of it translated to English).
Also, do you ignore that I have fantasised to wipe out all Latin Americans and save only the Aryan beauties that only recently emigrated to this continent? In my fantasy I would save quite a few Britons because they have the genes to produce English roses, something that the Greeks, most Iberians, southern Italians and other Europeans have lost.
So Britain still has DNA: there’s something precious to save there. But their soul (all western souls actually) is rotten to the core.

You are either being dense or dishonest here.
You may indeed have written previous posts titled: “Fucking Canadians”, “Fuck Christianity”, “Fuck The US”, but that is hardly the same as saying “Fuck the British”. The semantics of that are completely different. The former are criticising countries or movements, the latter is criticising a people.
Cesar, you may be able to get this slop past the average Alt Right dunce, but you won’t get it past me. “Fuck the British” is a clear statement of hatred against my own people, and Anglin’s article in particular contained such statements.
Can you also explain why you have not yet carried out a Breivik-style operation? I think this is a pertinent question, given the content of your posts. You are urging others to do so, why haven’t YOU done so?

‘Fuck the British’ appears in capital letters in Anglin’s article. The whole post above is a quotation of what he wrote.
You probably missed what I told Jez: I didn’t see any hatred coming from any pro-white I talked to in the UK. ‘Where’s your fucking hate?’
Hate is the first step (amalgamating your mind with Pierce’s novels, Hitlerism replacing both Xtianity and WN).
A wise man who hates doesn’t go immediately to kill anchors. He waits until the dollar collapses to start doing serious preaching. Violence comes naturally when a sufficient mass of whites after the crash get really angry.
I have never said that valiant men should immediately start the revolution. Only that their hatred must be astronomical.
Although I won’t censure the actions of Dylann and Breivik, it is not my role to do anything where I live (Mexico), where real whites are almost gone.
It’s not even my role to move to a white country to do a Dylann thing. Isn’t it SURREAL that a non-Aryan, almost 60 years old that is unearthing unheard of texts about Xtianity, rushes to sacrifice his life as a lone wolf for whites who simply don’t want to fight (and would not fight after his sacrifice)?
However, I would join the revolution if it starts in any white country. But the cowards—almost all WNsts—don’t even think in revolutionary terms as the sole possibility to turn the tide. Most of them are thinking like fucking civilians (i.e, cowards), not as freedom fighters waiting in the trenches for the right opportunity.

Right, because while he shames British men he has no intention of going full Breivik either.

He makes excuse after excuse too, like: ‘I am running a website here!’
Whatever you say, mate.

As for your fantasies about abducting the beautiful British nymphs, I wholeheartedly feel the same way. I would also say, however that they need males. Not too many of course as the less women of a race the more likely it is to dies sooner. The males in question definitely do not need to be British. That’s a big dilemma: where do we find the males?

If valiant freedom fighters manage to overthrow the gvmt, they will have the right to mate with one of more girls each: a return to barbarism before the institution of marriage may be restored. Are you familiar with the triangle in this FRDH article?

What point in that triangle would it be do you think? If the hypothetical ‘return to barbarism’ does occur.

When the financial system goes down (my educated guess is that it will happen after the Fed launches QE4 and the music stops) it will be time to start abducting (actually protecting from non-whites) white women.

Another comment that is typical of this “Movement”. Intellectual posturing.
Nationalism is based on ethnicity. If you abandon your British identity, then you are – by definition – no longer a Nationalist and your involvement is pointless.
When will you be going over to Urban75 and posting there? You would obviously be more at home, as you hate yourself and want to destroy your own country.
Please, don’t let me stop you.

@Tom Rogers
You were keeping my attention until you said something very non-factual: “…most white Americans are of German ancestry.” Not so. The English/British are and always have been the majority as the “founding race.” Among the “minority, non-founding races” the Germans are most numerous.
The “alt-right” is filled with and dominated by Americans of English/Anglo ancestry, not German.

Most white Americans are of German ancestry. That is fact. It is statistically verified.
No such statistics have been produced about the Alt Right. Therefore, your comment is stupid and irrelevant.
I dislike Americans and I am not in the mood to entertain your inanities.

I like how to this day the British are still overflowing with that self-congratulatory “we beat the Germans!” attitude. Often you’ll also hear them tell you about how repressive Russia is, or how terrifying Trump is.
And this is Britain, where foreigners can rape English girls with impunity and British “men” go to jail for not being enthusiastic enough cuckolds. The same country full of happily disarmed conformistsb where they are seriously debating the possibility of sending people to jail for merely watching “extreme right” videos online.
The indoctrination over there is in the same category as North Korea.

No more need be said. This comment demonstrates my point and is typical of the attitude. Under the surface of this “Movement”, there is rabid hatred of the British. I see this time and time ago.
That being the case, I no longer care for the fortunes of other white ethnic groups – especially white Americans.
In my opinion, the American Alt Right is a circus freak show.

I can only speak for myself here, but the reason that I don’t like the English are:
1. You people GENERALLY are oozing with arrogance, perpetually oblivious to how you come across to others. Americans for example, can easily ignore the occasional insult, do not take disagreement personally, and they stick to the topic on hand. But the English; so petty and condescending. They take disagreement so personally your country has laws against certain cases of it. How pathetic. As a result that trademark British condescension is rightly ridiculed in American culture.
A perfect example of these differences is the first debate between William Lane Craig and Peter Atkins. Rarely do you see such cultural differences so vividly displayed.
2. Your philosemitism. In Germany for example, meeting a German with Jewish ancestry is rarer than a two dollar bill. These people have been quite diligent in keeping their gene pool clean. But hardly do I meet a Brit who does NOT have some Jewish ancestry. I meet Brits all the time here in Australia, and it seems every second Brit has a Jewish grandmother, a Jewish great grandmother, Jewish this and Jewish that. It’s all over your gene pool. This explains why the Brits are very offended by anti-Semitism. Even George Orwell was traumatized by it. The UK is definitely the most philosemitic nation in the world. No one seems to go more out of their way to please the Jews, and how do they repay you cucks?
Anyway, that’s just me.

If someone is willing to sacrifice themselves, they should obviously target important Jews. Targeting a handful of random niggers like Dylann did is a tragic waste of an opportunity. It can’t be overstated how much good would be done by taking out a few of the most powerful Jews.

Two things.
IMHO anchor targets would be better (of course: many are kikes), as the surviving anchors would be warned that if they continue their anti-white MSM messages, they’ll be considered fair game.
Second. It’s paramount that the lone wolf doesn’t sacrifice himself. Otherwise the system wins. If after hit-and-rum tactics lone wolves immediately moved to Latin America, and get jobs as incognitos (it’s easy here), they’d never get caught and that would mean a serious blow to the System of the country they come from.

“IMHO anchor targets would be better (of course: many are kikes), as the surviving anchors would be warned that if they continue their anti-white MSM messages, they’ll be considered fair game.”
Yes, MSM, and also Jewish finance/banking should be the two targets above all others. They are the backbone of Jewish power.
“If after hit-and-rum tactics lone wolves immediately moved to Latin America, and get jobs as incognitos (it’s easy here), they’d never get caught and that would mean a serious blow to the System of the country they come from.”
If it’s possible to do then yes, but the lone wolf would be the center of national attention after taking out multiple public figures.

Even with a single successful hit-and-run action we would welcome the wolf (as I said elsewhere, I could even be taking beer with Dylann had he planned a getaway).

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