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to “Beware of Game of Thrones”

Tonight was the season 7 final. Nothing to add here except that the series is increasingly becoming like a typical Hollywood fantasy. Season 8 will be the last.

Update of August 6:

The bad messages continue in episode #64. The Lannister army are caught in a surprise attack by the sand-nigger warriors, the Dothraki led by the bimbo Daenerys on her dragon Drogon. This valiant social justice warrior and her sand-nigger horde decimate the Lannister army, composed by Aryans.

These scripts is what Christian Americans and secular Europeans get after their brilliant idea of handing over their media and entertaining industry to a subversive tribe.

I wrote the following texts in July:

A week ago, “Stormborn,” Episode #62 of Game of Thrones contained still more liberal propaganda. For instance, in the war room of Dragonstone, Olenna Tyrell tells Daenerys Targaryen to disregard the advice of her Hand of the Queen, the male Tyrion Lannister, and just “be a dragon” by herself.

Yesterday, in “The Queen’s Justice,” the brown eunuch Grey Worm with the brown Unsullied army attack and conquer Casterly Rock, a Lannister stronghold defended by whites.

This is the first brown-white confrontation since the mudvasion into Westeros.

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Some observations on “Game of Thrones”
The diverse feminity against the white male riffraff

One thing strikes the eye: the universe of GoT is dominated by women, strong women – hard bitches more precisely.

All that story starts from the Cersei Lannister deeds. She deceived her husband all their marital life and slept with her own brother, Jame Lannister, a passive being, who is completely submitted to his sister. He is pitiful, and Cersei is dreadful and inconceivably strong. She is a symbol of gynecocracy and woman’s absolute power. She has charactonym: Cersei is Circe of Ancient Greek epos, a sorceress from the island of Aeaea who turned men into pigs. She is an embodiment of pointless malice, incompetence and total lack of sense of duty. She is a furious bitch, a demoness. She conquers every male around her easily and reigns as she wish and multiply the evil endlessly.

Cersei is opposed by Daenerys Targaryen. Despite her tough life – but honestly, not so really terrible as hardships of the other GoT’s characters – Daenerys becomes an overpopular leader and gains grandiose ascendancy as Mother of Dragons. Males adore her, and she leads them to a new life. Daenerys is a modernization agent, who “breaks the chains” and governs her army of castrates, the Unsullied.

Well, castration here is the best way to please women. For example, after losing his penis Theon Greyjoy reduced himself to a good serve for his sister, lesbian Yara. For her sake he fights with a superior adversary and – yes! – wins victory due to the deficiency of his balls. Castrate Varys helps Daenerys constantly. The emasculated Unsullied is a basis of Daenerys’ force, especially the loyal Grey Worm.

At one moment a viewer realizes that it would be great to castrate every male in the series to constrain them to serve the fighting bitches properly, like slaves. But some of them reach that degree of self-denial without any castration! Sir Mormont – what a specimen! – Daenerys treats him as if he’s a dog.

The fundamental message of the GoT series: all males are worthless. In a team or singly they submit to bitches, they demonstrate overwhelming naivety and weak will. But male team is the point of constant mockery and humiliation. The warriors are capable only to drink and yell even during a council of war. Overall contemptible males just hamper women in their wise reigning. Without their ladies males are cowardly, and they are big silly kids. By the way, Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is an evident ode to Männerbund without even so much as a murmur of eroticism. While GoT is filled with blatant and hysterical sexual thrills.

Moreover, GoT emphasizes that power of woman doesn’t consist in her male-likening. There is a knightess Brienne of Tarth, ugly and unhappy. In a sense she is another eunuch, who serves real women. The feminine power is a moral and intellectual superiority: women manipulate and machinate men.

Now a strange thought. Daenerys Targaryen is no less a person than Hillary Clinton. Leading the army of minorities and refugees she threatens the whole world to conquer and place it under New World Order, that is power of Woman and Aliens, her faithful servants. There is no way to confront her. And her great future is opposed only by a trash of the past, the Dead White Males.

You likely know this term is very popular among feminists, black activists, LGBT and other progressive post-humanity. It designates the whole set of eminent personalities and geniuses in history as disrespectable for their being males and for their membership to white race. Oh, all these intolerant oppressors did was preventing women, blacks and sodomites from creating a new and better world of diversity and self-expression.

Thus, GoT is a literal war between women and the dead white males, because the whole local civilization is opposed by a zombie army of White Walkers. They looks like disgusting rotten corpses, and these corpses of white men have blue eyes. What an exact evidence of European racial type!

The ideology of GoT considers them to be things were created by forest sorceresses. Once upon a time these golems have revolted against their creatresses and have wished something more than the service of women. But it’s nothing, because mighty females will take special measures.

The image of White Walkers is designed to dehumanize white men and to cultivate hatred for them. They are shown as brainless and at the same time incredibly agressive, loathsome and dangerous. Their actions are nonsensical. They are a very dull herd, though guileful. They destroy for sake of destruction. It’s impossible to communicate with them because they don’t speak. They can be only annihilated. Ladies, even the bitterest enemies like Daenerys (a New World Order) and Cersei (she is an Old Europe personification), unite their efforts to exterminate the dead white males. Women must stand together and use all means when struggling with the dead white males.

Look at the USA! The monster spider-woman Hillary Clinton and her army are crushing the last white man Trump easily. The today’s discourse-rulers derides or suppresses the truths of whites. Monuments to the dead white males are falling from their pedestals, and black activists rages at them.

The blue-eyed Night King died!
The eternal queendom of the ungovernable dames and the blessed castrates is before us.
Be prepared!

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