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Currency crash

White Walkers army is coming

It is uncommon that white advocates write about the financial chaos that is coming, a real winter for the West. Below, some excerpts from an article by Tom Shackleford published yesterday on Rebel Yell and republished today on Occidental Dissent. At least southern nationalists are taking notice of the widow opportunity that will be opened for whites to reclaim their societies. After all, to paraphrase the character who died yesterday in the most popular TV series, ‘Chaos is a ladder’. (For more information on the coming financial chaos see here.)

As the crisis begins to set in, the Federal government may seek to bail out individual public programs based on political expediency. This will prop them up in the short term, but only delay the inevitable. It’s possible that this could be attempted on a national, comprehensive scale.

Our national debt stands at nearly 20 trillion, increasing by roughly 1 trillion each year. Debt service already eats 6% of the budget, even though interest rates are below 2%. There isn’t a defined limit on how much debt the US can take on, but doubling or tripling the debt just for pension bailouts would eventually push us over the invisible line of confidence. Nobody is sure where it is, but it’s out there. After it’s crossed, a debt crisis will ensue. This is especially serious for retirees since SS and pension funds own so much sovereign debt.
What if there’s a market crash?

In 2008, governments and central banks were able to avert a depression and the failure of every major bank by borrowing trillions to bail them out, slashing interest rates to zero, and creating money to buy up trillions more in assets to artificially keep prices high. This was a temporary fix (they’re still doing it) that has set the stage for a bigger calamity in the future. When the next crash inexorably arrives, they will be unable to employ this strategy a second time.

This could happen in 2 years or 2 days but it will eventually occur. As before every crisis, the dominoes are in place. What tips them over and when is unknown. It could just as easily start in Europe as the US. The consequences will be as unprecedented as they are profound. In the very least, many retirees will see the value of the pensions and private plans they depend on plummet. The ability to fund SS will also come under pressure. Many people will feel desperate and cheated, with nothing to lose. Rocky times are ahead.
Why is this never talked about?

I really doubt that rising presidential hopefuls like Kamala Harris or Cory Booker even understand compound interest to the point where they could perform a simple calculation. Many others understand that this issue is a real downer. “MAGA” or “I’m with her” sound much better than “You’re screwed and I have no solution”. The MSM is reluctant to discuss it because underfunded pensions implicitly call into question the wisdom of gibs and expensive 3rd world population transfers. However, the Alt-Right should be focused on it.

We’ve grown exasperated watching the latest Islamic atrocity or chimpout fail to move the needle. The sheep must be impoverished in order to become receptive to reality. Cheer up. Angry, destitute retirees are our army of White Walkers waiting to bring a rotten, unsuspecting world to an end.

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The financial ‘Fall of the West” really is The White Race’s only chance for redemption. The cultural and organizational battles have been lost. But deep within our hearts is still the impetuous fervor of our kindred. If the economy shatters, and hopefully if war and chaos reign, kind will seek kind for mutual support. That ‘survival instinct’ will quell the clamor of ‘human rights’ in the hard school of nature, and we will once again come to realize that we are special, a ‘Holy Instrument Made and Unto God’.

Consider what the Versaille Treaty birthed; can we even breathe the depth of enlightenment HE brought to this world? It is all so simple, yet so very true:
(1) Maintenance of Eugenics as the primary goal of society to birth superior people.
(2) Brotherhood as the means to overcome economic and social disability.
(3) Recognizing the JEWS as the practical and existential impediment to the former principles.


The idea of another baby boomer revolution is as implausible as it is unlikely. They will die in their homes, decaying into their well-worn spot on the sofa. Are they supposed to “chimp out” instead? They don’t have the energy, sorry. There isn’t enough Metamucil in the world to get them going. They get pretty uppity when you talk about taking their SS checks. But I’ll be more than happy to take it from them if they lay down the challenge.

No one will give a shit if they take to the streets with stupid signs this time either. Are they going to threaten to stop being retired? So instead of rising up, they will be calling the children they used to drop off at day care centers so many years ago and beg them for help. Since these people are objectively the worst parents who have ever walked the face of the earth, hopefully their children will let them die. They don’t even deserve dog food.

There are exceptions of course, but as a group I think I hate these people as much as any of our enemies. My father told me often that his generation was 100% responsible for ruining the world. This is not true, of course. But contrast that sense of responsibility to the narcissistic journey into indulgent selfhood that most of his peers took. Most of them couldn’t be made to feel responsible for ANYTHING! They were the first generation raised on television, but so what. I understand the problems were already there, but boomers put their foot on the gas like no one else before them. At least their stupid WW2 parents were duped. But these people inherited a comparatively wholesome and almost entirely white existence. And they spit on every social norm handed down to them in the most vehement manner possible. We’ve been living in their social wreckage ever since.

So if these geriatrics want to do any saber rattling, I can’t wait.

Of course. Boomers will be like the zombie apocalypse rather than dangerous White Walkers. But since yesterday the season finale of Game of Thrones ended with the Walkers breaking through The Wall, I understand the author’s metaphor.

Some good points, and it would be difficult to counter any of them. However, there is nothing the Jew has shown itself more adept at than manipulating group fracturing amongst us goys.

One pundit puts it: “Why take sides?”

Of course, boomers are not monolithic, and being one I have seen first hand the the drip by drip decline which it turns out was consciously planned in advance, and carried out wittingly by Leary, Gottlieb, et al who worked MKUltra and related psyops for the CIA and its controllers. This has been documented at gnosticmedia.com.

Two primary tactics of the Jew are race mixing and ethnic profiling. They and their race traitor collaborators have been highly successful so far; but be aware that they have never stopped! Note the effluvia emanating today from colleges and universities in most of the formerly White west.

But it would be interesting to see SS checks vanish…lol.

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