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Final solution Hadrian Israel / Palestine Jerusalem Judaism Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Kriminalgeschichte, 7

Below, translated excerpts from the first volume of Karlheinz
Deschner’s Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums

(“Criminal History of Christianity”)

Bar Kokhba and the “Last War of God” (131-136)

To this new uprising, in 115 C.E. different uprisings were added among the Jews of the diaspora, which were very numerous in the Mediterranean area according to Philo. Only in Alexandria there was more than a million. They were still not disillusioned with the Messianic dream. During the war of Trajan against the Parthians (114-117 C.E.), the rumour of a disastrous defeat of the empire ran, and there was also a great earthquake that destroyed Antioch and other cities of Asia Minor. In the face of these disasters, the Zealots believed their time had come.

In the province of Crete and Cyrene, where 200,000 non-Jews were reported to have died, the “king” and “Messiah” Lukuas destroyed the capital, Cyrenaica. In Cyprus, the insurgents devastated Salamis and, according to the chronicles, killed 240,000 non-Jews, an obviously exaggerated figure. From then on, however, the Jews were barred from access to the island and even the castaways, if they were Israelites, were executed. In Egypt, where the Romans liquidated all the Jews of Alexandria in reprisals, the fighting lasted for years. In all places, the Jewish diaspora was severely punished.

In the same Palestine, the successor of Trajan, Emperor Hadrian (reign 117-138 C.E.), a great devotee of the gods, built a new city on the ruins of Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina, and on the site of the Temple built an altar to Jupiter And a temple of Venus.

And here it is that in the year 131, Simon ben Kosevah (Bar Kokhba) begins a war of guerrillas so generalized and so deadly, that forces the very emperor to take command of the Roman troops. Bar Kokhba (in Aramaic means “son of the star,” so named after the success of his uprising; in the Talmud, the loser received the name Ben Koseva, “son of lies”) takes power in Jerusalem. His principal counsellor is Rabbi Aqiba, who greets him with a classic messianic appointment calling him “star of Jacob,” the saviour of Israel. He is also supported by the high priest Eleazar, later killed by Bar Kokhba himself because he advised surrender.

There were two years of high morale in Jerusalem, resuming worship in the Temple and proclaiming a new era of freedom until the Emperor Hadrian sent four legions under the command of his best general, Julius Severus, with large numbers of auxiliary troops and a large fleet.

The Romans start regaining ground little by little.

According to Dion Casio, whose exaggerations are notorious, 580,000 Jewish fighters were killed and 50 fortresses destroyed, 985 villages destroyed, and tens of thousands of prisoners sent to captivity. Mommsen believes that these figures “are not unlikely,” since the fighting was fierce and surely led to the extermination of the entire male population.

Women and children flooded the slave markets, leading to lower slave prices. The last population to fall was Beth-Ter (the present Battir), west of Jerusalem, where Bar Kokhba himself died in circumstances not well explained.

The site of the Temple and its surroundings were ploughed with oxen. As for the Zealots, the Romans utterly exterminated them, for at last they understood that the religious fanaticism of the Jews was the true cause of the revolt. “For the next fifty years we did not see the flight of a bird in Palestine,” says the Talmud.

The Israelites were forbidden under penalty of death to enter Jerusalem, and the garrison doubled. Until the fourth century the Jews could not return there to weep once a year, on the 9th day of the Aw month, the loss of the “holy city.” And until the twentieth century, or more precisely until May 14, 1948, they failed to found a Jewish state, Eretz Yisrael.

5 replies on “Kriminalgeschichte, 7”

César, what do you think would’ve happened if Antiochus assimilated the Hellenistic Jews and killed the rest? Would we still feel the blood poisoning all these centuries later?

Antiochus was young and brave like Alexander, but like Alexander his rashness wasn’t wise. In WWA Pierce said that with the benefit of hindsight extermination or expulsion was the way. In the case of Jews expulsion was not enough, as we can see what happened after the extremely devastating and crushing defeat under Emperor Hadrian. To the Romans the Carthage treatment on Jerusalem appeared like a final solution to the Jewish problem. But the Jew was not a Carthaginian, it’s a more resistant bug.

In the next Saturday posts we’ll see how the early theologians even backed from those impulsive “solutions” of Antiochus, Titus and Hadrian. IMHO it was not until Pierce’s Diaries that the real solution to the non-white problem was glimpsed for the first time in history.

The Turner Diaries is the earliest example I can think of of the complete extermination of all non-whites being advocated. There are probably earlier examples but I have not done much searching, certainly the thought must have crossed the minds of a number of White men before Pierce wrote it down.

No other race has the capability to exterminate all other races-only Whites do. I think all other races know we could eliminate them, therefore it is logical for them to support White Genocide as we are a direct threat to their survival.

Hitler did say in Mein Kampf that if the Aryan did not conquer the planet then humanity had passed the high point of its development and the end would be degeneration into barbarism and chaos as the Aryan goes extinct. In the early 20th century prophets like Stoddard and Hitler started to talk about the possible extinction of the White race but it was not until Pierce that the stakes of this struggle for survival were truly glimpsed.

It was Pierce himself who, in a podcast the year he died, said that we could also see things differently: that instead of seeing jews we could see us as the problem.

Unfortunately, the right thinkers at YouTube nuked that account. But if it’s a 2002 speech it won’t be too difficult to find it again.

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