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Philosophy Quotable quotes Savitri Devi


“In its essence, the National Socialist idea exceeds not only Germany and our time, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch; it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal wisdom of the primeval forest and of the ocean depths and of the spheres in the dark fields of space; and it is Adolf Hitler’s glory not merely to have gone back to that divine wisdom, but to have made it the practical regeneration policy of world-wide scope.”

“It is the acceptance of this more than human wisdom, it is this accord with the spirit of the Nature, which Hitlerism implies, or disintegration, ethnic chaos, the degeneration of man—separation from the Heart of the cosmos; damnation.”

—Savitri Devi

3 replies on “Hitlerism”

You might be aware or might not, there is another great website…..The Renegade Tribune, which is in a sense very similar to yours with many fantastic articles published on daily bases.
One of the latest articles by Axe of Perun is called Ethereal Beauty, which I think is of an extreme importance as a reminder to all of us what we need to fight for, for the eternal beauty of our White Aryan women.

…….Among all the darkness of the Universe, against all the odds, life came into existence on a planet called Earth. There in spite of Nature’s harshness, constant conflicts with other species’, a hard battle for survival – arose the beauty of the White Aryan European woman. Her nobility, tenderness, goodness – a smile to die for – a soul to live and fight for. Among all the stars, the vastness of Space, the wonders of Nature – one things remains true – the beauty of the Aryan woman, both inner and outer, is indeed a miracle. Let us defend this miracle with all our might, strength, courage and willpower.

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