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White nationalist critic

(It’s me in my personal library.)

This blog used to have the triple of visitors before I embarked on the ambitious project of writing the now aborted From St Francis to Himmler. Earlier this year I even planned to abandon this site until the financial accident happened.

Now that I have much free time the idea has occurred to me to make a series of YouTube podcasts with the provocative title “White nationalist critic.”

As recent visitors of The West’s Darkest Hour know, last week I made some critical remarks about what Matt Heimbach, a well known figure in white nationalism, said on The Daily Shoah. Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to three podcasts featuring another well known figure, Greg Johnson. I liked what Johnson said, with his host Millennial Woes, about France’s elections last Sunday (here), especially why we must reject democracy as the political system of the West.

However, in an interview with a Seventh Day Adventist who converted to Judaism (here) Johnson rejects William Pierce’s methods of bringing to justice white traitors and Jews after the revolution. He proposes, instead, a “no fault divorce” with the Jew. It is not the first time that Johnson speaks of non-bloody solutions in this age of treason.

In the other Counter-Currents radio podcast I listened yesterday, Johnson talks with Hunter Wallace (here). Johnson says it is time for pro-white advocates to give up infighting. Andrew Anglin said something similar on The Daily Stormer after the most diverse factions of white advocates united forces last month at Kentucky against the antifa.

I respectfully disagree. Although white nationalists are the best men we have in the West, unlike national socialists most of them still cling to some meta-ethics that are ethnosuicidal. Here I explain why there is a substantial difference between white nationalism and National Socialism; and why the former is a steppingstone at best and a blind alley at worst.

As far as I know, there is no podcast that presents National Socialism to the listeners. Why not start one?

16 replies on “White nationalist critic”

I’ll certainly give it a listen if you do it, assuming your pronunciation of English is not too hard for me to understand with my American English.

This is exactly why I aborted my other project about speaking alone to the camera for a YouTube channel.

My present idea is to have, if possible, 3 native English speakers. I wouldn’t be the star of that radio show; only talk rarely.

Presently I am discussing the subject with some friends, one of whom I’ve met personally.

Thanks for the info. Do you think that it complies with genuine NS standards (click on the word “Here” with capital “H” and bold-type within the above article)?

The day I would hear your voice on YouTube would be a happy one! After all, YouTube is the most important platform in this decade, for degenerates and Nazi-wannabes (i.e., WNs) alike.

Haven’t you considered debating such YouTubers as philosopher Stefan Molyneux or the always-eager-for-attention Destiny? After all, neither has seen anybody like you, considering you’re the only true National Socialist on the web.

If the smartest of the current Whites don’t give up on Christianity right now, after the betrayal of the 1960s in America, they will officially have no right to exist. But they’re too narrow-minded for that. Why are such countries as Poland, Hungary or Belarus dying with no immigration and barely any Jewish influence?

But please, don’t forget that we have to shut down as many of our nuclear reactors as possible. We won’t survive any big war if dozens of nuclear power plants blow up.

I’d definitely listen to you on podcast, regardless of how well you speak English. It didn’t tarnish Bobby Fischer’s interviewer on Filipino radio when Bobby praised 9/11. I’ve been waiting on you to come out on audio or video since… damn, before even Andrew Anglin founded (((The Daily Stormer))).

Thank you. There will be a tentative, radio experiment next Wednesday, and if it flies we will advertise it here.

By the way, why do you put parentheses around Andrew’s DS?

His content is so far out of control that I can no longer attribute it to being extreme. He’s behaving like controlled opposition. Embracing Christianity is bad enough. But white sharia? Endorsing Forney’s “Filipina book”? Is any of this genuine NS behavior? No, he’s just funneling countless young whites into a different dead end. Either he’s working as one of their agenturs, or he’s gone cuckoo… and I don’t think he’s stupid or insane.

In any case, I’m ready to grab the link once you make it public.

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