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After the second editions of Day of Wrath and The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour I’m writing From St Francis to Himmler which I hope will influence childrearing in the ethnostate. Any contribution is useful, whether large or small (donate button has been relocated at the bottom of this page).

Don’t forget that while I’m writing From St Francis, if I have something to say I will say it in the Addenda to this site.

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Cesar, regarding Himmler: I assume you’ve read what David Irving says happened to Himmler: that Himmler was beaten to death by the British after Himmler voluntarily identified himself to the British.

Also, David Irving said that the British had a list of about 100 prominent “Nazis” that, if captured or surrendered to the British, were to be immediately murdered, and Himmler was on that list and that is why he was beaten to death so quickly after he was identified.

My point is this: Hitler had the insight and courage to kill himself to avoid falling into enemy hands. Why didn’t Himmler do the same? Also, will you put what David Irving said about Himmler’s end in your new book?

David Irving’s page on Himmler is: http://www.fpp.co.uk/Himmler/

Looking at it just now, I don’t see any current status regarding his Himmler book.

Also, I see Himmler as inferior to Hitler, and I think how the two ended confirms this opinion: Hitler killed himself to avoid falling into enemy hands and being used by them, whereas Himmler tried to cooperate with the enemy for his own selfish reasons.

I meant this (my today’s post in the Addenda).

This guy wrote a chapter that I discovered a couple of days ago, “From St Francis to Nietzsche” that in spirit is similar to the book I’m writing.

My financial situation has recently improved, so I’ll make another donation of $200 after I post this.

I think you already said previously that your “From St Francis to Himmler” book will be in Spanish, so I won’t be able to read it, but I’m donating to you more than to your book, since I’m an armchair intellectual like yourself but am more fortunate than you in terms of my assets.

Okay, I completed the donation. However, I initially had some trouble because the donation screen is in Spanish, and I was pushing the wrong button after entering the donation amount. So, I used google translate and saw that the correct button to push was labeled “INICIAR SESIÓN EN PAYPAL” which translates as “SIGN IN PAYPAL”.

Okay, so you will translate a few chapters of your new book into English. That’s good.

hi Chechar (or Cesar, not sure which you prefer). I’ve waited a long time for you to come out with these two books.

I’ve been a huge fan of your blog, thanks to a recommendation from Varg Vikernes (ThuleanPerspective) in 2013 – before he was arrested and gagged, that is, and later tried by French government cronies for “spreading anti-semitism, racism, and pardoning ‘Nazi’ war crimes” due to his activism.

Will at least the Day of Wrath and The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour be in English, even though you plan not to write books in English from now on?

Thanks Originist.

Both are in English, Day of Wrath and The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. And by the way I’ve just received copies them of with my most recent corrections.

Any link of what happened to Varg?

Varg shows an example of thinking like a civilian, not a freedom fighter. And the US First Amendment is part of the degenerate liberal order, it has no place in an ethnostate, it just works in our favour currently (sort of).

PS: I can only afford one of the books atm. Having read almost your entire website, it seems TFRDH will only consist of what I’ve learned here already. Although DOW might be the same, I’m under the impression that the latter book consists of your original writings whereas the sooner one is comprised of worthy essays from only other authors. I’m also fine with buying the books and downloading the PDFs of those other authors’ works in their original form, so I preferred to buy Day of Wrath. Am I honestly missing out on much, by not procuring The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour as well?

Sir, you informed us about a certain Latin writer (his name escapes me just now) who wrote a defense of the Reich in 1952 called “World wide Defeat” This writer was alive recently, age 101….Is there ANY English translation of this book anywhere ? How about excerpts? I would love to see his thoughts on the Wests plight… Thanks and keep up the great work…

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