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¿Me Ayudarás? (book) Autobiography Hojas Susurrantes (book)

Restructuring my being

Restructuring my life

Restructuring my
literary plans

Three weeks ago my only friend was probably killed by another animal. A month ago I had no idea that his death would break my life in two.

Although I have not written anything on the forums of those who have suffered the loss of a pet, I am greatly impressed that some of them confessed, in those forums, identical feelings to mine. I could not believe reading some testimonies: they seemed perfect clones of the agonies of my being…!

The death of Conejito affected me so much that I have abandoned the writing of De san Francisco a Himmler, of which I only wrote half a hundred pages. That was going to be a huge book that would cover, among other subjects, a more detailed denunciation of the family system from my adolescence to my fifties.

By definitively abandoning De san Francisco I find myself writing only a slim book, the tenth of an autobiographical series, which will culminate the other nine that I had written:

Carta a mamá Medusa
Cómo asesinar el alma de tu hijo
Mi infancia
El retorno de Quetzalcóatl
Hojas susurrantes
La muerte de papá
Mi conejito

Instead of the work of years that was going to represent the very ambitious De san Francisco, once I finish the last one from the above list I could begin to translate them, starting with the first. But as the regulars of this blog know, a selection of chapters of those books has already been translated into English: Day of Wrath.

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Changing the subject, although lately they have been buying Day of Wrath via Lulu, this company has recently been withholding my royalties. They sent me a tax form to resend: a form for those who are not US citizens and, residing abroad, are selling ISBN books.

In the country where I find myself an agency wants to charge me more than five hundred dollars to fill that form: more than I earn in royalties. Could anyone of the visitors to this blog provide any tax advice about American agencies that may charge a more reasonable fee to fill a tax form?

I have a lot of experience filling out USA tax forms. All USA tax forms have companion instructions for how to fill them out. There is no reason that you, being expert at reading English, can’t find the instructions for filling out that tax form correctly, and then fill that tax form out yourself.

Is your tax form in English? If so, then enter the tax-form number (which is always printed on the tax form somewhere, typically in the header and/or footer of the page) at the irs.gov website, and the search results should show a link to the instructions for that tax form.

After looking briefly at the instructions, you don’t have to start reading the instructions at the beginning. Instead, just jump to the instructions for the individual boxes to be filled in.

For example, the instructions for box 1 are on pg 20. If Lulu already filled out box 1 for you, then just skip ahead to the first unfilled box on the form, and find its instructions, and so on.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, download the PDF file for the instructions and use the free Adobe PDF reader. It will be easier to do searches within the instructions using the Adobe PDF reader.

Also, there’s always google and bing available to search the web if you have some specific question that the instructions seem ambiguous about.

Spend the hours to understand and fill out this tax form yourself this first year, and it will be much easier to do it yourself in any future years, because you should keep a copy, of course, of the final filled-out tax form before you mail it in.

>Hours? How would a normal agency charge me in the US?

I don’t know what a USA tax preparer would charge you.

I just downloaded the PDF for both the tax form and its instructions. At least some of those boxes won’t apply to you, and should be left blank. Only fill out the boxes that apply to you.

Note that it is normal to have some boxes unfilled on just about any USA tax form, because the typical USA tax form is covering many more things than what specifically apply to you.

You can email me your question(s) if you want, but include a list of which boxes (give the box number including the suffixed letter if any) that Lulu has already filled out for you.

I’m assuming WordPress let’s you see my email address since I don’t want to reveal it publicly.

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