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C. T. (1925-2015)

C.T. Sr., my father, died tonight at ninety.


junto al padre Mtz

My father in Madrid, Spain with Father Martínez, a teacher of the Madrid Royal Conservatory, a music college (ca. 1949-1950).


con reina Isabel

My father with Queen Elizabeth (1975). This is a low-quality photo because it has been scanned from a newspaper.


Hazme llorar (literally, “Make me cry”) is a piece composed in 1962 by my father for a duet of soprano, contralto and harp. The above is a 2014 performance at the Palace of Fine Arts, a few months before my father’s liver cancer was detected.

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When we Muslims hear of the death of someone we say,

“Truly we belong to Him and truly we shall return to Him”


I am a few days late, but I would like to offer my sincere condolences. Your father was an obviously very gifted man. He apparently had a very full, and remarkable life. His legacy will continue via his children. All the best to you, and your family.

Hazme llorar, the perfect accompaniment to these articles. Listening to this piece while reading your articles creates a most interesting atmosphere. A father accompanying his son.

A year ago my father died. I did not reply to any of the above comments last year out of respect. But this guy actually destroyed my life. Total destruction.

Now I’m dedicated full-time to show how extreme abuse by parents can drive the children mad. I’ve mentioned this subject in a post about my recent interview with someone of those who commented above, of which I’ll quote the hatnote:

It’s me contemplating an original canvas signed by A. Zucchi, an old painting of my family. Could he be Antonio Zucchi (1726–1795)? After my father died I couldn’t find a reference in his archives about this painting that used to be in the living room of the house of my childhood, but everyone knew that it is an original. This landscape in Flemish style is now in my own bedroom.


To read the whole Addenda post, click: here.

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