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Catholic Church Deranged altruism Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 88



Night of 19th-20th February 1942

The perversity of education—Regrets for the help given to Spain.
No sooner do we land in a colony than we install children’s crèches, hospitals for the natives. All that fills me with rage. White women degrading themselves in the service of the blacks. On top of that we have the shavelings shoving their oar in, with their mania for making angels! Instead of making the natives love us, all that inappropriate care makes them hate us.

From their point of view, all these manifestations are the peak of indiscretion. They don’t understand the reasons for our behaviour, and regard us as intolerable pedants who enjoy
wielding the policeman’s truncheon.

In Rome there are priests who spend their time in measuring the length of women’s sleeves and skirts and in checking whether these women have head-dresses. If God cared about such trifles, he’d have created man already dressed! The idea of nakedness torments only the priests, for the education they undergo makes them perverts.

If there hadn’t been the danger of the Red peril’s overwhelming Europe, I’d not have intervened in the revolution in Spain. The clergy would have been exterminated. If these people regained power in Germany, Europe would founder again in the darkness of the Middle Ages.

One reply on “Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 88”

“the shavelings shoving their oar in, with their mania for making angels!”

Uncle Adolf is using “shavelings” here to express his contempt for Roman Catholic priests.

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