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Free speech / association

The PC Inquisition



  1. 10-OCT-1959: Revilo Oliver purged from National Review.  A complex personality – the sixth generation in his family to bear the burden of a purposefully palindromic name.  Archive at Unz.org

  3. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.

  5. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)

  7. 19-OCT-1974: Sir Keith Joseph deemed ineligible for Chancellor of the Exchequer for this notorious speech.

  9. JAN-1984: Ray Honeyford forced into early retirement as headmaster of Drummond Middle School.

  11. 17-MAR-1984: Geoffrey Blainey silenced by University of Melbourne.

  13. 12-MAR-1985: Murray Dolfman suspended from lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania for talking to black students about the 13th Amendment.


Read the rest of this long list in an article titled “Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged” at the Handle’s Haus blog: here.