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Conservatism George Lincoln Rockwell



A passage from White Power
by George Lincoln Rockwell

Over the past twenty years, I have run the course from “Republican,” to “hard-shell Republican” to “anti-Communist” to “McCarthyite” to “Birch-type Conservative” to sneaky Nazi!—and finally to all out National Socialist—Hitlerite!

2 replies on “Metamorphosis”

Heil Hitler! Hopefully GLR will be the padeo father of a new civilization or not. Whatever, I’m so pissed off right now I can’t even see straight. Now, they are trying to enforce the fair housing act of 1968 for every square inch of the sodomite states of America. It will be hard for them, but that’s what we said about bunghole marriage.

I would say, “Over the past twenty years I have run the course from “liberal,” to “conservative” to “white nationalist” to National Socialist.

I am sure Commander Rockwell would have rejected the feminine and extremely diluted form of NS that is WN.

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