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On “free” press

With our “precious” freedom of the press, there is today not a single commentator in the mainstream that will advocate for whites at all. Not one.


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The United States may have a “free press” in a theoretic sense, but there is no practical freedom. The moment anyone starts to advocate for White interests, that person is dropped from circulation, ignored, ridiculed and forgotten. We see how much control really exists in America when all major retail outlets and online stores simultaneously decided to remove the Confederate flag, television networks canceled the Dukes of Hazard because the General Lee has a Confederate flag on its door, and Amazon doesn’t link to any retailers that sell the flag. Going against the grain is a first class ticket to irrelevancy. Even on issues much less controversial than White interests, for instance the Iraq war, there was a time when a columnist might be dropped from circulation if he came out against the Iraq war. Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts are examples. Later MSNBC fired Pat Buchanan for his book _Suicide of a Superpower_ because they felt it was too explicitly racial.

‘ Free Press’ to me translates into freedom of expression, and freedom of expression translates into the freedom to set up your own newspaper or other media outlet. I would like to know ‘whose fault’ it is that private businesses like MSNBC can exercise and indeed have the right to exercise the power to control the information that they publish or hire whichever journalists they see fit to hire. They don’t know anything at all to the Pat Buchanans of the world. The only ‘fault’ would lie in anyone who supposes mistakenly that the owner of private media outlets such as MSNBC must answer to anyone else for the materials that they want to publish and the journalists they wish to hire. I guess ‘free press’ and ‘freedom of expression’ are two different things although they sound the same. I think there is a very great degree of ‘freedom of speech’ in the US, perhaps not as much ‘free speech’ as one could suppose, but I’m alright with that.

Americans and their stupid ideas of freedumb.

Freedom of the press is nothing more than an open invitation to Jews to come in and tell you what to think, which is precisely what Americans have allowed to happen those proud cuckolds.

Freedom of speech is such a dumb idea. Only White Men should have freedom of speech. Everyone else should be merciless restricted because everyone else is either too stupid (women), or too devious (Jews) to have ideas of their own.

It’s like Stalin said, if you wouldn’t let you enemies have weapons then why would you allow your enemies to have ideas?

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