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by Jack Frost


Noel Ignatiev actually does make an effort to be consistent. He states, for example, that the Jewish race also does not exist, and favors its abolition, along with the abolition of the Jewish state of Israel. See, for example, here.

Ignatiev can be a challenge to deal with because, like most sophists, once you accept his premises, his conclusions actually do follow. Those premises are the scientific canard—backed up now by what is considered mainstream science—that race in humans doesn’t exist, along with the usual litany of de-Christed Christian hogswallop, which has sunk so deeply into their culture that most whites will accept it without thinking. To wit:

1. Universal brotherhood, both as a “scientific” fact and as something desirable to bring about.

2. Life viewed fundamentally as a moral struggle, wherein Good does battle with Evil, and it’s incumbent upon human beings to join with the Good to help defeat Evil.

3. That Love is better than Hate, Peace better than War.

4. That Justice requires treating everyone equally.

5. That the moral vision expressed by all of the above is more important than life itself; that even race suicide is not too much to demand in order to bring it about.

Once you reject his premises, Ignatiev’s argument falls apart. Of course, the fly in the ointment is that rejecting these premises in a culture shaped by Christianity is a rhetorical non-starter. This is why it’s imperative that the Christian worldview be defeated.

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american ashkenazi jews are hated by israeli ashkenazi jews and vice versa, it’s an odd thing
israeli ashkenazi jews hate arabs and mizrahi as well while american ashkenazi jews defend islam and hate europeans

“If the Jews were alone in the world, they would smother in filth and slop and would try to outwit and exterminate each one another in a bitter battle.”
–Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, Ford translation.

Yes, mizrahi and europeans are both oppressed by ashkenazi, mongrels of (originally) mizrahi men and european women. Mongrelizing mizrahi women with european men would create beings that easily look more “middle-eastern” than most ashkenazi, but with different personalities and opposite loyalties.

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