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Angry Christian

On The Occidental Observer Bonny Alba responded to the following angry comment:

I’m so tired of this absolutely idiotic “Christianity” bashing in our movement; normally, I always simply avoid the comment section when I see that it is (once again) “discussed.” It shows that many (maybe most) people in our movement simply lack the necessary broad perspective and clarity of thought.

Apparently, any assessment of the effect of blind faith in a universalist religion that people interpret to mean that all people are equal and the same and that you must turn the other cheek, be completely passive, let authorities destroy you and your family and race, and treat hostile aliens as you would with your closest relatives is an idiotic thing to do at a White nationalist site which examines the attacks of a hostile foreign elite using other minorities and immigrants as weapons against said Whites.

You call that idiotic?

4 replies on “Angry Christian”

I agree with your reply to Bonnie 110%.

My Race is my religion.

I’ve long regard the Christ as Balder. The risen God. I have a deep vestigial affection for the beautiful, profound traditions of White Christianity – the glorious art work, the decency, when things are functioning as they should, and the sublime music that Christianity has inspired.

This brilliant culture has been subverted, twisted, and poisoned. We’ve let it happen,

The preservation of my blood is the ONLY thing that matters. We are the glory of God. Hail the Mother. Hail the Father. Our songswill be sung again.

Hail Lugh.

Hail. Hecate.

Christianity and its secular derivatives—the liberal, parliamentarian, socialist, communist, or anarcho-communist ideologies—are successive manifestations of the same egalitarian principle. They appeared in sequence historically, but they remain present in one way or another—all of them tending, with different degrees of awareness—to the same end. All of them contribute to the spiritual and material decadence of Europe, to the progressive degradation of European man, and the disaggregation of Western societies. This has given rise to the more or less conscious nihilism that today permeates our culture, and the creation of a gigantic ‘mass of slaves’ alienated and devoid of any purpose: the last man.

For Christians, telling the truth, reasoning, not putting their Jew god first, or even just not being a Christian is “Christian bashing”.They are always being “persecuted” just like Jews

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