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2nd podcast


Today’s Radio Renaissance podcast touches subjects reviewed here, like the criticism of Christianity. I don’t want to add anything to it except quoting Jack Frost again, who was not invited to the program: “The culture-wide triumph of Christianity has made it immoral to support one’s own race exclusively, or even to value it above others.”

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Why is this Jack Frost character quoted so frequently on this blog? I don’t know who he is, but he uses the term “Christianity” in much the same way feminists use the term “patriarchy.” He obviously has an animus toward Christianity and then directs this animus to explain everything he doesn’t like about the modern world, and then states his opinions as facts in such a way that only an ignoramus would disagree. He sounds like a feminist ranting about how, “Patriarchy creates the gender binary,” or “Patriarchy imprisons men in a false consciousness so they can’t cry.” The Polish Leszek Kolakowski said something to the effect that ideologies are always right, but never true.

Kolakowski was a silly Catholic; his Christianity was positively medieval (he liked Pascal) though I like his books demolishing Marxism.

I quote Frost because this site collects the most searing comments about Christianity that I encounter over the blogs. If Christianity is a larger factor of white decline than the Jewish problem, we need hundreds of Frosts if we are going to save the race.

I suppose that you and Frost don’t seem to understand the difference between Christianity, that is your sense of what Christianity is from reading the New Testament and certain historical criticisms of the Gospels, and Christian civilization, especially as it was in the High Medieval Ages. If your only experience of Christianity comes from the Gospels and not from living in a Christian civilization then obviously Christianity is going to seem airy, other-worldly, and useless. But Christendom and its lingering presence in the West is what rationalists, liberals, and Jews have always sought to destroy.

“From the time that Innocent III evolved the diabolical plan to destroy the moral stamina of the Jews, the bearers of Spanish culture to the world of Christendom, by forcing them to wear a badge of shame on their garments,…Papal Rome symbolizes to the Jew an inexhaustible well of poison. It is only with the drying up of this source that Christian German Anti-Semitism will die from lack of nourishment.”

Moses Hess, _Rome and Jerusalem.

Nietzche could safely safe that “God is dead” over a hundred years ago. You can keep Christian bashing all you want, day and night, and it’s not going to open the the pearly gates to a new White ethno-state. If you want more Christian bashing then why not just link to Jewish comedians e.g. Bill Maher because they’ve almost got the market cornered?

You don’t seem to have understood the POV of this site, nor answered my claim that Christianity has been a larger factor of white decline than the Jewish problem.

I complain a lot that Christians jump to these threads before doing actual reading. It’s like complaining about letter “R” or “W” without having read the ABC of this site. Have you read for example the section on the Christian problem in The Fair Race? What you say is basically answered there. I don’t have the time to repeat what is already stated.

Yes, I read through it, and found your explanation of Christian axiology to be wholly unconvincing. The idea that Whites who are no longer Christian try to complete a “circle” and embrace a universal Christian ethos is way too convoluted. You are simply beginning with the premise that Christianity has to be a problem, and then trying to find an explanation that squares the secularism and atheism of modern Europe with its embrace of non-white refugees. MacDonald’s thesis of pathological altruism is no better. Moses Hess’s work _Rome and Jerusalem_ is clear: When Papal Rome falls; Jerusalem rises.

If you really read it you must disagree not only with me but with Revilo Oliver, Tom Sunic, Conservative Swede, Franklin Ryckaert and the histories of the white race also quoted in that book by William Pierce and Arthur Kemp.

Also, as you know, on The Occidental Observer Jack Frost posited the question to MacDonald—:

What is the evidence that, even in pre-Christian times, Europeans were prone to moral panics and excessive guilt and/or altruism? I’ve never seen any and find it hard to believe there is any.

—that Kevin has not answered. If you actually read my book you should know that I blame more materialism than Christianity for white decline.

Kevin MacDonald’s thesis of an evolved “pathological altruism” is pure claptrap. I suppose it all depends on when you want to stop your analysis. If you looked at Western Europe up to the end of the Middle Ages there would’ve been no conception that Whites were suicidally altruistic or that Christianity made them defenseless against Jews. Dr. Pierce, by the way, allowed Christians to join the National Alliance, and didn’t see it as the prime cause of the White Man’s fall.


You are mistaken. By the Middle Ages Christians had already committed the sin against the holy ghost in Constantinople: thoroughgoing mestization. And Pierce only admitted Christians if they placed race above their religion (something that apparently not even WNsts like Parrott and Heimbach are prepared to do).

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