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Child abuse Day of Wrath (book) Human sacrifice Psychohistory

Burning your child

burning-your-childWas it really necessary to shock the audience with the ruthless decision of Stannis Baratheon to burn alive his daughter Shireen to death, as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light, in tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones (the scene doesn’t appear in the novels)?

I would argue that depicting the sacrifice of a child in the most popular television series was necessary. In the final sentences of The Return of Quetzalcoatl, the fourth book of Hojas Susurrantes I wrote:

I confess that to imagine what must have felt a Carthaginian boy… when his beloved dad turned him over the imposing bronze statue—to imagine what must have felt for such an astronomical betrayal when he writhed with infinite pain in the fiery furnace, moved me to write this epilogue. Although I was not physically murdered (only soul-murdered), every time I run into stories of a sacrificed firstborn it is hard to avoid them touching my inner fiber. In the final section of this work [Hojas Susurrantes—not yet translated] I’ll go back to my autobiography, and we shall see if after such grim findings mankind has the right to exist.

See the disturbing context of the above paragraphs on pages 7-191 of my book Day of Wrath that translates most of the fourth book. A German who actually read it commented in this blog two years ago: “El Retorno de Quetzalcóatl: Spine-chilling… I had nightmares last night.”

Monday update

“Worst parents ever” is what outraged Game of Thrones viewers are now saying over the boards, after watching Shireen’s pitiful cries yesterday—“Father, don’t do this! Mother, don’t do this!”—before they turned into heartrending screams as the flames reached her small, innocent body.

What TV viewers ignore is that parents actually did this throughout the centuries of recorded history, especially in the Semitic world. The subject is so disturbing that very few researchers review the long history of such heinous sacrifices (only the tip of the iceberg appears in my book).

When the ethnostate is created, will people realize the importance of studying psychohistory?

6 replies on “Burning your child”

Child sacrifice is barbarous and disgusting. Game of Thrones is depraved Jew TRASH. Lucifer is the Angel of Light, and the Hebrew name for “Lucifer” is “Hillel”.

I have already said that the series is “PC bullshit” in my 1st post of Game of Thrones. But the point of this entry is not advertising it, but advertise my book.


Of course child sacrifice is barbarous and disgusting. But you will be surprised to learn that presently the practice continues, not by burning your child on the stake, but by driving him mad through parental abuse (the children who get labeled schizophrenic today). Take a good look at my book and see how this is even related to the “monsters from the Id” that are destroying the West.

Don’t you think that saving our race can only be done through lowering its psychoclass? Don’t you think that today’s males are so feminized because they were not abused in their childhood in the slightest, that they don’t have any repressed anger inside, and, therefore, are at peace with the world, so they don’t mind their race dying? Don’t you think that society cannot be driven by sane, rational, free-thinking atheists,* but only by irrational, suicidal, fanatical believers in the afterlife? Surely, higher psychoclasses enabled the Industrial revolution which helped our race immensely. But I’m afraid, our latest psychoclass will be the last one, for it is simply incapable of sustaining itself. Especially, it is not viable when different populations are at different levels of psyche, yet on equal footing in terms of technology.

* I know, you will say about panentheism, but it’s the same fairy tale (read: bullshit) as any religious belief. When you die, the whole world dies with you. You need certain willpower to deceive your own self and become a suicidal fanatic. Probably, childhood abuse could help with that. Can any Aryan do it without? Europeans will soon answer.

Never, ever cry “bullshit” without asking first what the other guy is really saying. Reason: I don’t believe in postmortem survival or in the existence of a personal God.

And the NS men treated their children fairly well according to my standards. We don’t need to abuse them to become warriors.

Didn’t National Socialists beat their children? I guess so. Also, the young generation of those days had a particularly bad childhood with the Great War and Weimar Republic.

I am of the opinion that higher psychoclasses produce a type of personality that doesn’t abide by the cultural norms, that isn’t tainted by an ideology, that cannot become fanatic. Therefore, the ethnic suicide is natural, not imposed by either Christianity, Liberalism or Jews. Older generations sacrificed for the future, but for us, the future is now (“stay a while, you are so beautiful” ©). Again, you can’t turn religious after becoming an atheist. I omit torture, psychological manipulation or lobotomy as means of converting; for a lot of people would consider death preferrable to losing their minds.

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