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Deranged altruism

Death cult

by Jack Frost

It may well be that there is no straightforward way to solve the problem politically. Thinking that there is one leads to a lot of perverse decisions. Even Hitler had to pretend to be a Christian in order to come to power…

Dore-PentecostChristianity has so shaped white culture that nothing was able to stand outside of it. Its project has been nothing less than to change the nature of mankind: to impose an insane, anti-Natural vision of reality; to build a world where race and gender truly don’t matter.

Its stress on non-violence, universal brotherhood, love, and a reverence for life makes it a very good way to domesticate a people, and also a very good creed for spreading itself all over the globe. The bitter irony is that these same virtues (if they actually are virtues) become very grave defects once the task shifts to preserving the race that gave it such prominence. Apologists for Christianity try to phrase this positively but there is no way to ignore what a death cult for whites it has become.


Note of the Editor: I chose the drawing of Doré only because today is Pentecost.

One reply on “Death cult”

Funny is that if you follow the logic christianity doesn’t really make sense in it’s own terms, because if you truly love all people you should finish theyr lives just because it’s better for them to be dead. Like the infanticide issue: if you really love the defective new baby you should kill him… And if you really love humanity as a whole you should not let miscigenation happen, but do eugenic actions.

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