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 The Christian idea that “God is love,” taken together with Christianity’s fundamental premise of universal brotherhood, means that anyone who opposes this, who wants to stand outside of this undifferentiated mass of humanity as a separate race, must be a hater.

Jack Frost

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And white nationalists still don’t get it. No wonder why after years of trying to discuss with them I am limiting now to the corner of this blog, with NO SPONSOR to divulge a truly different POV for racial preservation.

Jack Frost nailed it.

“Christian” man really worships Suicide, not Love, for he cannot judge, cannot hate his enemies, and cannot otherwise resist evil: he is perfectly useless in defending his own people.

Love, on the contrary, is not indifferent to the objects of its affection, but jealously protects them from enemies and threats.

And not only that. In single-cause blogsites you see the meme that “jews corrupted Christianity”. They have never answered honestly my argument that Christianity started by re-founding a city, Constantinople, that soon became a mongrel city; in addition to what I’ve said about the Iberians when Catholicism was “healthy”.

“There are two values above all others, in which for nearly two thousand years the whole opposition between church and race, theology and belief, coercive doctrine and pride of character, are revealed; two values rooted in will, for which in Europe there has always been a struggle for predominance: love and honour. Both accordingly strove for recognition as highest values; the churches wished — however strange this may sound — to rule through love, the Nordic Europeans wished to live free through honour or to die free in honour. […] But from the moment at which love and sympathy (or if one wishes: fellow feeling) became predominant, there also began the epochs of racial national and cultural dissolution in the history of all once Nordically determined states.”
—Alfred Rosenberg, The Myth of the 20th Century

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