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The biological white


This month I suspended the flow of Hitler’s table talks because I wanted the gospel fictions message to sink in. But that will never happen among those white nationalists stuck in their parents’ religion. Andrew Anglin for example, who said at the London Forum that he wants to blame the Jew for everything, wrote a piece “On the biological Jew” that in 2013 I excerpted here.

Anglin and most white nationalists have been beholding the mote in the Jew’s eye and fail to consider the beam in their own.

As any regular visitor knows I was born in Mexico. I’d like to respond to Anglin et al by means of quoting the comments that Gottlieb, who like me was born in Latin America, posted a couple of years ago over several threads in this blog. Since his native language is not English I’ll correct some of his syntax. His comments are a perfect counterpart to the received wisdom in white nationalism. In the bulleted sentences Gottlieb said:

  • I found a serious defect in the perfectly candid psychology of Christians and leftists. They are extremely egocentric and try to demonstrate their “goodness” through the stupid idea of loving the neighbor, regardless of who’s the neighbor.
  • Yes: the intellectual and cultural elite of today’s West is made up of Jews, but mainly by white liberals. That’s why the elites, a hybrid of white liberal and Jewish, want to destroy the ethnic homogeneity of white countries: they themselves are a minority.

This reminds me a shocking discovery in MacDonald’s trilogy: that centuries before the Jews took over the Western media the Christian kings used them to control the white population, especially by taxing.

  • Could it be that liberals suffer from brainwash or that they are already predisposed to believe in equality and fraternity? I think the same about people who believe in the Bible: brainwashing or genetic a propensity?

Which of course reminds me Revilo Oliver’s observation that Christianity is an Indo-European religion about which the Chinese and other peoples are immune.

  • Europeans are extremists by nature. That’s why the Swedes, who sterilized 60,000 people during the 20th century, became one of the most liberal countries in the world.
  • As I said, the purest whites are the most liberal. That must mean something. On the other hand, the more mixed tend to be the most tribalist. In the US, the more racist South is where happened some form of mild racial mixing while New England was originally the land of the purest Anglo-Saxons of the Americas. The purest whites are the least racist because they evolved directly to fulfill this kind of Christianity; while clearly mixed people—a considerable part of the Russians, Iberians, and Balkanians—remained tribalists. What might save me from being a complete liberal fool are my non-white genes.
  • Note also the Nazi leaders. Most of them were not even Nordic. This also relates to aggressiveness. Blondes and redheads tend to be less aggressive. It was extremely common among the classical anthropologists of the past to portray Alpine populations as having Mongolian admixtures. It makes sense that a good part of the Nazi leaders were of the Alpine type.
  • It is a kind of inversion. While white liberals nourish a Platonic love for all races except themselves, I entertain a great admiration, near vassalage to them compared to white Caucasians.

In one of those threads Stubbs commented: “The White capacity for self-delusion, self-destruction, and spiritual decay is as large as our capacity for creativity and strength… We will either be a conduit for gods or for demons, for overman or oblivion.” Gottlieb responded:

  • Precisely because both are related. Some of these traits are almost divine gifts, like Caucasian creativity. However, the higher the height the greater the fall.
  • The clear effect of the Christianization of Europe was the domestication of the white man. Crime reduction and safe communities are the result, but also the reduction of the traits responsible for the survival of any species.
  • Leftism is the evolution of the extremely high capacity of abstraction among Caucasians, which is missing in other peoples including the Jews. For liberals human equality is not just a belief: it is real even if there’s no scientific proof. It is easier to understand this difficulty than understanding the factual reality of things through the stupid cognitive process of many Christians.
  • Why are Jews like that? Because they are Jews. Why are white liberals that way? Because they are white liberals. There is no logical explanation about that cultural behavior but a specific biological explanation. We never lost white liberals: we never had them.

Which is why the Führer’s way is the only way. If they are wired the wrong way regarding the other races you need a collectivist, 4th Reich empire to counterbalance the white man’s suicidal tendencies.

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The Protestant sect was generally more philosemitic. British Puritans were especially admiring of Jews. Puritans saw themselves as new jews and they wanted to create a new jerusalem in America. They were hard workers, they cared about family and they lived an austere lifestyle. Yet they admired Jews. For some strange reason. And yet they were of white british nordic origin. When Catholic countries like Spain and Portugal expelled jews, protestant Britain and Netherlands welcomed Jews.

I chose an angelic face at the top of this entry because of this important sentence in the most original and scholarly piece of research into the white psyche I have published in this site. It’s related to biology and the purest white genes of course:

A pure White Nordid [Evropa Soberana is referring to a pic in his anticle]. Notice his skin is neither pale, nor milky-white, nor rosy or ruddy. It is rather “golden,” in harmony with the hair, and seems suitable to get a moderate tan without getting burned when exposed to sunlight. Forehead is high but not completely vertical. Psychologically, this is a noble, harmonious, serene, serious, patient, well-balanced, martial, honourable, disciplined, efficient and racist race, but also somewhat naïve, too angelic and not very cunning in many ways.

Source: here. Over the threads Gottlieb also said that pure whites are completely clueless about the malice inherent in other races. I think he’s right.

Of course Whites are largely responsible for what is going on through our own weaknesses ad stupidity for letting this happen, but the point in blaming the Jews is that you have to have an enemy that is demonstrably attacking your people in order to motivate and unify them. This is clearly the Jews. Hitler and the Nazis knew this. They didn’t accomplish what they did by attacking and blaming the German people for being Christian and gullible fools, they did it by highlighting the dangers of Jewish and Bolshevik influence.

As Snake and I have said in the other thread, there’s an exoteric message and an esoteric one: the former for the masses where you need blame Jew and the other for the inner circle where the larger issues may be discussed. WN is for the masses; this site for the very few. Ultimate causes require profound analyses, and you won’t find them in the pro-white blogs that almost restrict themselves with daily news, etc.

The ultimate issue: Is this white genocide or white suicide? I think it’s the latter, unpopular as it may be among those who are clueless about their parents’ religion and the economic system that’s engulfing them alive.

Even considered separately, any of the two big factors—capitalism and Christianity—is a larger factor for white decline than the Jewish problem. It’s whites who must clean their house first (destroying the One Ring at least in their minds and abandoning Christian axiology) to be able to expel the parasite. Otherwise it’s like fighting a pneumonia resulting from AIDS but not the HIV virus. Better than doing nothing but much better to fight both.

I say it’s a combination of the two. Like Pierce wrote at the end of Who We Are when commenting on the reasons for White genocide, something to the effect of: “it’s hard to know how much of each ingredient goes into the witches brew.”

I know you use examples of Whites mongrelizing themselves without Jew influence, and argue that Christianity would ultimately do the job all on its own, but what I would counter that with is this:

Starting with Gobineau, science was figuring this all out, and was on the way toward bringing mongrelization to a screeching halt, but it was Jews who overthrew these developments with their Boasian nonsense. Of course that brings up the question of how we could be so stupid to so readily allow Jewish propaganda to trump science and common sense, that’s another topic all in itself. Still, the Jewish hand there can’t be discounted. Grant would’ve triumphed without Jews around.

And much of what has been done to us has been through Jewish assaults on supposed moral grounds: bigotry, prejudice, freedom for all, etc., etc. The White qualities of fairness and altruism obviously formed in White societies, and served us just fine then. It’s a shame that we have this guilty conscience weakness now that is so easily exploited by putting us on the defensive by simply calling us names, but I would hardly say that makes us suicidal. More like extremely gullible.

But that is the white nationalist narrative. If you read Hitler you’ll see that for him Christianity was the worst thing that happened to the white man. White nationalists don’t want to see the megalodon and only see the white shark (Jew) even though the megalodon is much larger.

The ideas of egalitarianism are much older than kike takeover: and whites invented them.

Also the mongrelization of Constantinople was the product of Christian madness, not of Jewish subversion.

White nationalists do not want to delve into the ancient world because it simply breaks their narrative.

As to modern history, what the Americans did to Germany was only the sequel writ large of what they did to themselves in the wars of secession. No Jew was involved there.

It’s time that WNsts abandon the belief of the Jew as the main cause and turn their gaze into their own sins. I would recommend your reading of Himmler’s speech in The Fair Race. He recognizes the Jew: yes, but he does not overlook Christianity.

The ideas of egalitarianism are much older than kike takeover: and whites invented them.

How does that reconcile with the traditionally hierarchical nature of Aryan social structure? Such stratification is at odds with a supposed tendency to equality.

“the point in blaming the Jews is that you have to have an enemy that is demonstrably attacking your people in order to motivate and unify them.”

Precisely. That’s step one, and it’s something Jews are constantly doing: defining external enemies to maintain their bunker mentality. WN’s have an obligation to draw a line between Jews and Whites and force their fellow Whites to choose a side. Once that’s done, step two is fixing any problems inherent in White psychology.

You are confusing medicine with diagnosis. Your medicine is right: kill off the bacterial kikes even if they’re a secondary infection. But this article is about diagnosis: a viral infection appeared first; the bacteria, an opportunistic infection. Why can’t WNsts see something so simple?

Why can’t WNsts see something so simple?

Because they have nothing to contrast it to? You’re asking a fish to see something as simple as water.

Jews definitely should be indicted for their role in the destruction of our culture. They are absolutely deserving of the anger and hatred that is the natural fruit of the deceitful and hateful agendas which have arisen from their eternally deluded and cowardly paranoia. I hope and believe that the day will come when they pay the price that justice requires.

But this view needs to be nuanced and constrained by the truth as shown by real facts and evidence. Focusing on Jew blame risks several kinds of unfortunate errors leading to malformed strategies that will yield failure, sorrow, and historical disaster. Not all enemies are Jews, and not all Jews are enemies. If you do not identify ALL of your enemies, you will be defeated by those you fail to recognize. And if you persecute the innocent, you will be defeated by your own supported whom you have alienated and disgusted.

But most importantly, Whites must recognize and overcome their own faults, that have allowed things to come to the state they now are in. When Whites are victims within nations where they are the majority, where they have everything they need to claim power, yet they fail to do so, then something is wrong with them. When they are betrayed by politicians who they themselves have elected, deprecated by the media that they themselves have appointed, and preyed upon by corporations that they themselves have enriched, then they need to look within and ask themselves why. They are like the pathetic victims,of schoolyard bullies, one by one, who will not get angry, who will not rebel, who will not fight back, but who will only whine and cry and expect that some other person will come and protect them. There is something wrong with that. Nothing else will change until we fix that.

What has sticken me the most among those I have interacted with is the lack of hatred. I do feel hate. Enormous amounts of it. But WNsts for one reason or another don’t. There are exceptions though, like Pierce, who was not properly a WNst but someone who left Christian axiology behind. But most WNsts subscribe the accepted wisdom of the current standard of values that hatred is evil or counterproductive. It’s neither—it is the only way to overcome the outside enemy and the enemy within.

I am desperate to find real priests of the 14 worlds who feel what I feel.

“Not all enemies are Jews, and not all Jews are enemies.”

Not all Jews are enemies, but all Jews are a threat. So-called “good” Jews might spawn bad Jews in the future. Trotsky, Ehrenburg, and Kaganovich were evil, but that doesn’t mean their ancestors necessarily were. That’s something we need to keep in mind.

As always, your picture choice is perfect, César 🙂

Who better to pick than Lancel Lannister, whose angelic face is the ultimate reflection of naivete and ignorance. Funnily, in the current GoT-season the character has become a masochistic religious fanatic, which beautifully concurs with Gottlieb’s statement about inherent extremism.

If Gottlieb is right about the positive ethnocentric effect of a slight racial admixture (e.g. Asiatic), this could explain why Finns are on average less ethno-masochistic than Swedes (link). Have, for example, a look at the face of the leader of the Finns Party, Timo Soini.

Concerning hate, the Finn Kai Murros has some reasonable things to say: link

Yes, and in a previous season there are two scenes before the invasion of King’s Landing where the Imp (obviously not an Aryan character) scares and humiliates the very naive Lancel Lannister, so handsome that Cercei had him as lover (there’s even a scene showing him naked). The purer the whites the more they project their angelic psyches onto races whose souls are really not that fair.

GLRCompare the angel face of the pic with this one of George Lincoln Rockwell pointing a finger to the camera: “It is time for YOU, WHITE MAN, to GET MOTIVATED!” You will see why angels cannot be as tough as darker whites. The overwhelming majority of whites are behaving like that British actor, not like GLR.

Being a Finn born and living in Sweden, I can perhaps give some perspective on attitudes over here.

In Sweden, seeing Swedes as an ethno-racial group with interests is obviously a taboo. Swedish culture is denigrated as boring, ridiculous and being imported from abroad. Ethnocentric feelings are instead invested into Sweden as a state with great history and technical and social achievements. Having ‘racist’ sentiments is of course another great taboo, unless they are directed against a white ethnicity.

In a comparison, ethnocentrism is definitely more acceptable in Finland. The Swedish-speaking minority of Finland (originating from old Swedish settlers, Finns switching language for social benefit and the old elite) is interesting. They largely vote for the Swedish Peoples Party. The party originates in the liberal Swedish nationalist and philosemitic Svecoman movement of the 1800’s. Some of its main points are: preservation of Swedish identity in Finland and mandatory Swedish teaching in school, mass immigration, ‘minority rights’ etc.. The SPP and many mainstream cultural institutions depict Swedish culture as refined and of great importance and value to Finland. Thus, we have: Swedish culture – negative in Sweden, but positive in Finland.

I’m positively astonished. I’m the old Gottlieb and now i use the nickname Santoculto, that is the name of my blog in portuguese language too.
Some points about my own quotes. I don’t know if i’m or could be right about what i write here. I think we tend to believe that

– all people are rational OR have the potential to be rational,
– all people have potential to be a truth seekers.

Nope, most of human beings aren’t naturally able to search and find the real truth. I think these reality are universal. Human societies are divided hierarchically. Our society is exactly like a organism, a machine. Some part of organism evolved to do certain and specific functions but not to do other functions. Then, is completely understandable that some or most people do not be good to govern the systemic organism or think like us. Useful idiots have this name for some rational and logic reason, and they aren’t only the leftoids.
We born with this capacity.
I change or sofisticate many of my point of views since i comment here in your blog last time. Because i begin to be honest for myself. I’m “gay”, Always, but most important, i’m a existencial experimentation, like all of us are too.
Whites mixed racially when they are in contact with other races, specially mediterranean types, look for our latin amurrica, probably because meds have less diferencial phenotypical perception compared with other races but also specially by circunstantial factors like the unbalaced proportion of white iberian men than women and because Latin amurrica was primarily the land to exploitation, not to colonization.
But all human races have the same tendency. The difference is that whites had expanded its domination area to beyond its “natural” continental borders, more than other races. The process of mixing race is natural when happen interracial contact. Then, i think a WN state will do not finish with this tendency to mix because will only contain this predisposition. The project of WN is speciation.
I think to say “modern greeks are not whites” is not a smart thing to do. Even if modern greeks are near to be mixed they are like saami in Scandinavia. Historically, culturally and racially greeks, modern ones, are inside major caucasian brunch and have the right to exist. Is complex define with perfection where “race border” finish and begin, SPECIFICALY when we are inside the group. Of course, greeks are not the same than english and deserve to be a specific taxionomic recategorization. Indians are mixed, pakistani, greeks are not like him.
Leftism is not completely wrong and in the truth, it is wrong in similar proportion the same way that right end of political spectrum. Probably, my hormonal condition have their role to influence part of my point of views, but seems obvious at least to me that the truth or reality, is holistic and based in sum of all of perspectives. I think in multiple perspectives and today i see human history as a disharmonic chains of stupidity and unecessary blood, human and non-human blood. Maybe, the end of this collective and stupid suffering is the most apropriate and right thing-event to do or to pray.
i think in tricausalism to its theory.
-white mind changed by christianism
-Structural suscetibilities.

“Our” societies favour the capitalistic mind and the niilistic individualism ( and not individuality). Most of whites are materialistics. Nietzsche in these perspective was right. Whites are little jews today specially in US.
I hope no have cause problems for you. The criticism about everything need to be contextualized and always showing exceptions. We are not have guilt by our fragile and ignobil nature. Thanks!!

Truth seeking requires facing the possibility of eternal damnation. People who deceive themselves about hell will deceive themselves about everything of lesser importance.

If Atheism is right, and God is a product of the human imagination, why not make up new Gods to destroy the old ones?

Why not threaten the followers of old religions with eternal damnation, to break their stranglehold on society?

How do you think you can defeat Jews with submarines and Arabs with oil if you do not attack their religions directly?

“Why not threaten the followers of old religions with eternal damnation, to break their stranglehold on society?”

Really? Can you out-Jew a Jew, or out-Allah a Moslem?

Jews and Moslems have already been vaccinated against your supernatural threats, by hundreds of years of being profusely threatened with “eternal damnation” by their own fanatics. Jews, for example, have “heretic” Jesus forever boiling in excrement. Many would like to see him return, just so they could kill him again.

Moslems regard Allah as essentially irrational, and that all their acts are predetermined by him. Try reasoning theology or ethics with someone of that mindset.

Whites really are threatened with eternal damnation, yet do not resist.

The Biblical Jesus and Plato’s old Socrates killed themselves rather than resist. Of course, Socrates thought death a pleasant sleep; Jesus expected resurrection; perhaps whites, too, expect to be whisked into “a better place.” This is obviously irrational, self defeating.

As a rule, we try to avoid encouraging irrationality because it can be chaotic and unpredictable (“come back to bite you on the butt”). But if you reason with someone, the ends you can agree on are as valid as what you began with. Animal drives (“gettin’ crazy”) are for implementing those ends.

“how do you think you can neutralize oil and nukes?”

Here is a short list of what I think must happen.
1. Oil: limit use to what you can produce. Same as any other commodity.
2. Nukes: outlaw fission and fusion technology, except for confined national security use.
3. Withdraw from the entire turd world. Create formidable cultural and trade barriers. Shut down the Federal Reserve and the UN in the USA, and corresponding operations in Europe.
4. Make an ignominious example out of every policy maker who betrayed the West, living or not.
5. Expel all persons of non native or non European descent, and allegiance.

#1 alone will immediately lead to massive economic contraction, with a resultant abandonment of militaristic adventurism by the West. Sooner the better.

Someone should organize and protect pure White Nordics, such a beautiful race shouldn’t become extinct. A being that makes our world more beautiful with its sole existence should be the standard all other human races judged by. They truly don’t deserve what is happening to them.

Breivik doesn’t seem to harbor any hate, if his writings are anything to go by, but it didn’t stop him from eliminating 60 vermin. He appears to have calmly reasoned his way there, then implemented a plan.

So, an “angel” might not hate much, but, once set in motion, can be truly terrible towards the wicked.

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