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On the need of cultured thugs

Now that I reread William Ventvogel’s “On Cities, Women, and White Survival,” linked in my previous post, “Sanskrit saying,” it struck me to see the gulf between Ventvogel’s approach to white preservation and Greg Johnson’s latest article, “The Nigger Word,” where Johnson writes: “We do not use the nigger word and other crude racial slurs… We don’t have to be hateful. We don’t have to be strident. We don’t have to be crude.”

Compare this with the cited Ventvogel 2003 article, that incidentally mentioned the word nigger eighteen times, and especially with Ventvogel’s revolutionary sentiments:

There is too much enemy energy in the cities, too many Jews, too many questionable White women. And a healthy White man wants to clean it out, hunt them down and kill them, kill them all. And if he can’t or won’t, the stress eventually turns him passive—then apathetic—then cowardly—then materialistic. He is caught in the Jew vortex.

No need to be hateful? Really? Now that the dollar will crash and that the large American cities will become killing zones, you can guess who has better chances to survive, the Johnsons armed with “porcelain guns” (Greg’s own words—search for the word porcelain: here) or the Ventvogels…

Snake said (below, in the comment section):

The real problem has been combining righteous hatred with calm rationality. We’re effectively stuck with craven intellectuals and idiots whose sole contribution to our race is screaming “kike-nigger-spic!” As Jonathan Bowden would say, we need cultured thugs.

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The real problem has been combining righteous hatred with calm rationality. We’re effectively stuck with craven intellectuals and idiots whose sole contribution to our race is screaming “KIKE-NIGGER-SPIC!” As Jonathan Bowden would say, we need cultured thugs.

Well yes, nothing short of Templar style fanaticism can change the current course of events. Problem is, the Templars actually believed in their mission, enough to die in a horrid desert for it. Despite the rhetoric, WN’s don’t really believe in ‘the beauty of the aryan women must be preserved’ or their ‘posterity’ or ‘Our Gods’ and any other nebulous concept.

They only care about their ‘piece of the American dream’ or something as ridiculous as ‘attracting more women to WN’.

Which is why we must celebrate the coming currency crash.

I awoke up this morning with a peculiar thought: thinking of those American WNsts who still bash Hitler and the NS movement I told myself that it was good that even these guys will either die or live in hellish survival conditions after the crash. It was precisely their haughtiness before mother Europe what caused the current mess in the first place.

Their grandparents who actually fought the war and committed the Hellstorm holocaust are not the only culprits: the newer generations who still subscribe the current narrative on WW2, and this includes quite a few so-called “white nationalists” are complicit of the lie and of the current paradigm.

Sebastian Ronin is right in his sentiments of a scorched America in order to punish the Murkans for what their did (of course: it’s good that corrupted Europeans will be punished too). One of the reasons I want to survive the crash is because I want to see that these white traitors, including many so-called nationalists, die.

Only in such a world will I start making real friends, real “templars”.

Adolf Hitler said something along the lines of “I make use of men’s weaknesses, not their strengths.” Templar fanaticism doesn’t just arrive out thin air. It takes years of cultivation. Wanting a slice of Unlce Samuel’s corpse is a good enough reason to fight as is lusting after Sabine women.

True Belivers, Post-cynicists, opportunists, and even simple folk will make up the ranks. Our ideology acknowledges the primacy of innate qualities. Let’s just ensure that leadership is limited to the first two.

Snake, you claim above that Hitler said something along the lines of: “I make use of men’s weaknesses, not their strengths.”

Your above alleged Hitler quote does not sound like something Hitler would actually say, because Hitler obviously made use of men’s strengths in many ways, including but not limited to the quality of his high-level appointments in his government, his many uplifting speeches for the German population, his personally awarding medals to military heroes that had high performance, his selection of proven men of talent for difficult missions such as his personal selection of Otto Skorzeny for the successful rescue mission of Mussolini.

So, I’ve given some concrete examples above refuting your alleged Hitler quote. Can you give me any examples that actually support your alleged Hitler quote?

Also, what is your source for your alleged Hitler quote?

And this is because the greatness of the theorist and founder of a system consists in being able to discover and lay down those laws that are right in the abstract, whereas the organizer must first of all be a man of psychological insight. He must take men as they are, and for that reason he must know them, not having too high or too low an estimate of human nature. He must take account of their weaknesses, their baseness and all the other various characteristics, so as to form something out of them which will be a living organism, endowed with strong powers of resistance, fitted to be the carrier of an idea and strong enough to ensure the triumph of that idea.

That’s the closest I can find, which is a bit of a stretch, though I assume Snake wasn’t implying that Hitler literally didn’t pay attention to the strengths of his subordinates (which would be silly).

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