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Severus Niflson discusses with William Finck the absolute importance of patriarchy after minute 55 of a radio show last year. I may not know shorthand but below are a few excerpts of the exchange:

Niflson: If you are a reasonable white nationalist you have to believe in patriarchy. Patriarchy defined as the male… being the central authority figure and the core of the society. I believe that every white nationalist would have to agree with it. [Animals] have it.

Finck: It’s the male who is the political creature and never the woman.

Guest: Egalitarianism, this idea between man and woman must be squashed…

Niflson: Patriarchy is also part of our history… Patriarchy is efficient. Patriarchy allows and promotes ideals, masculine ideals of… defensive measures, certain levels of belligerency that are required in a masculine, powerful society… If you do not believe in these things you are not [a nationalist].

Finck: Patriarchy has to exist in white nationalism or you are not a white nationalist… because [otherwise] you shun thousands of years of white tradition and you basically agree with the Jew who has destroyed patriarchy in our society.

Niflson (discussing patriarchy in mammals): She [the lioness] can go hinting for food but the lion is the lion. The male is the male. Patriarchy is not only a traditional structure: it is an effective structure for our survival… If you don’t agree with patriarchy, then your political system will be a horrible system.

Finck: Even Nationalist Socialist Germany recognized the importance of patriarchy.

Niflson: The pater familias is the core value of the European social structure. (Niflson then proceed to explain the etymology of pater, patria, patriot, etc.)

5 replies on “Patriarchy”

I think this accounts for the real success of black men in America and the growing Negroid-worship in sports and entertainment.

A white society without patriarchy is not a real civilization, it’s an animal farm. America has been a matriarchy ever since the WASPs lost control of governance after WW2, and thus, we are left in a state of arrested development. America’s fascination with Negroes and feminism are one in the same; a regression back to primitivism and the earth mother of matriarchy.

So inevitably, the more Judeo-Negroidism we swallow by way of entertainment and history (M.L.K. and Rosa Parks) the more barbaric and matriarchical we will become.

What Deutsch said…except I believe the matriarchy officially started in this county when women were granted the right to vote, but the foundation was laid for that even earlier after the War of Northern Aggression when the beast of the field was placed over the white man. Blacks and women are children in different forms.

That’s exactly why I added these excerpts in my latest Vidal quotes:

I don’t go to parties because I detest talking-women, especially our Athenian ladies who see themselves as heiress to the age of Pericles. Their conversation is hopelessly pretentious and artificial.
Hippia and I get along rather better than we used to. Much of her charm for me has been her lifelong dislike of literature. She talks about servants and food and relatives, and I find her restful.

@Brandon, on your blog:

“The time period known as “the America we loved” was just the era when the enemy who was the mover of the real America had not fully reached his zenith as he has in the present day.”

I could not agree more. Chechar has a post refuting the concept of the greatest generation.

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