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A Christian that I do respect


Today, William Finck’s long interview of two guests opened the world of Christian Identity to me. Pay special attention to Severus Niflson’s six points of what defines a white nationalist, especially the sixth: patriarchy, something that many so-called nationalists may disagree with.

I also liked Finck’s adding a seventh requisite to Niflson’s list—morality—; his citing of Tacitus’ book on Germanics, and his words “I don’t believe that you can be a white nationalist and a homosexual.”

Who is a real white nationalist if we take—as I do—these seven requisites?

5 replies on “A Christian that I do respect”

Here is an interesting story of True WN’sts, who passed all the discordant conflict, and followed the ‘spirit’ of the Blood, no matter what institutional name one would give it: (link)

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