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A Christian that I do respect


Today, William Finck’s long interview of two guests opened the world of Christian Identity to me. Pay special attention to Severus Niflson’s six points of what defines a white nationalist, especially the sixth: patriarchy, something that many so-called nationalists may disagree with.

I also liked Finck’s adding a seventh requisite to Niflson’s list—morality—; his citing of Tacitus’ book on Germanics, and his words “I don’t believe that you can be a white nationalist and a homosexual.”

Who is a real white nationalist if we take—as I do—these seven requisites?

5 Replies on “A Christian that I do respect

  1. Yes, if you cannot shake the Christian bug (like me), Kinism is a great way to go… it is essentially what all Southern Christians were when we were a much greater people.

    1. Here is an interesting story of True WN’sts, who passed all the discordant conflict, and followed the ‘spirit’ of the Blood, no matter what institutional name one would give it: (link)