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Murka burns

It’s our own fault for letting the Jews kill us. Voting is for slaves. America must die for the White race to survive. —Young White Family

In Homo Americanus, the book that I recently quoted extensively, Tom Sunic said that the prospects for America’s Balkanization are very real.

I believe he knows what he is talking about. As a Croatian, Sunic witnessed how Tito’s authoritarian policies for “peaceful coexistence” of the diverse nations of the former Yugoslav federation only hid ancestral grudges among Muslims and Christians; grudges that, with time, were destined to explode.

When I was a very small kid in the early 1960s I admired the US. The images of the film industry of those times only depicted white Americans as well as the Life magazine that my father used to collect. Blacks still were ghettoized and it was unthinkable to empower them into the mainstream.

Not anymore… Today the US has a Negro Commander in Chief and over a hundred million of non-whites. It is “the least homogeneous country in the Western hemisphere.”

There’s an old Spanish saying that goes, “Nadie escarmienta en cabeza ajena,” which can be literally translated as “No one is punished severely in another head,” that is, no one learns from others’ mistakes. America never learned from the Balkans’ mistakes.

In the very last words of his book Sunic says that “in the near future” of America “interracial wars will be the norm.”


Just for the record, this image is the first page of “Le nuit des rapaces” (1979), the very first issue of Jeremiah, a Belgian comic book series. It is the only comic book series that I know that depicts how could the US look like after interracial wars.

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It is a series of hard-cover, luxury comic books. I must have about a dozen of them. Unfortunately, although the main characters are white, the author is a typical European liberal.

Hermann2This other image for example is a composite of the second page of the first issue, plus page 11 of the 5th issue, “Une cobaye pour l’eternité”, published in 1981.

The adventures of these two characters, including the one with a feather on his helmet, are situated in an America after the social collapse. I no longer read them but the drawings are good.

There’s a wiki article on it (here).

I am fairly certain that it is Latinos/Hispanics/Mexicans youth that for over a year have been stealing any American flags that people in my neighborhood put up. Certainly a Mexican-American owner of a beauty shop in my neighborhood, who I know personally, for over a year has only allowed periodicals that are in Spanish, to be placed in her shop.

Also, in my city black mobbing is now common, and black on white crime also common. Because of liberalism and multi-culturalism, the city is now very dangerous, which it was not during the conservative-rule in the 50’s.

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