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Brigade (novel) Civil war

The Brigade excerpts, chapter XVIII

by Harold Covington

“All The World’s A Stage”

Covington in uniform
“This will be the most significant mass assault on a Zionist target that the Northwest Volunteer Army has yet attempted,” said Hill. “It will also send an indelible message to the enemy and to the world, one that Hollywood is particularly able to understand. Do you remember the famous scene in The Godfather where the big Jew movie producer wakes up in the dawn, in his big mansion and his big bed with the silk sheets, and he looks over and he sees the severed head of his million-dollar race horse lying next to him in a bloody mess, and he screams and screams and screams and screams as the camera fades? That is the effect we are looking for in every sense of the word.”

“I remember the producer caved in and gave the Godfather what he wanted,” said Christina.

“Exactly. And why?” asked Hill. “The big kike, the Burger King, caved because he suddenly understood that he was dealing with people to whom his power, his money, his influence and his personal viciousness meant nothing. For possibly the first time in his life, the big Jew was dealing with men who weren’t afraid of him and all he could command, and who would accept nothing less from him than total compliance and submission. That is the message we want to send, not only to the big Jews who rule Hollywood, but also to the whole world. The power of these people is at an end. This tickle is going to be our equivalent of a big bloody horse’s head in the Jews’ beds. But there is more to the message we are sending even than that. We want all of white America to see, and to think: If ZOG cannot protect the cream of Hollywood’s élite, then they can’t protect anybody. If ZOG can’t protect the powerful Jews of Hollywood, then maybe it’s time we got onto the winning side. That is why it is imperative that we hit the Oscar ceremony itself, live and on camera.”

“Right, thanks to The Talented Mr. Ripley here, we have been able to score a few intelligence coups,” said Randall.

Hill sighed. “I want this to be as surgical as we can make it, and take out as many major influentials as we can, crippling the Dream Machine by decapitating its leadership and management. I don’t just want all these glitterati shitting in their pants when they hear machine guns as their bodyguards are hustling them out the emergency exits, I want them on the floor bleeding.”


LynchCoverChechar’s note:

Just compare Covington’s views about Hollywood to Greg Johnson’s opposite views and leave a comment: either below, or in a recent thread.

2 replies on “The Brigade excerpts, chapter XVIII”

Covington is the man who has got it right. Keep on exposing the fakers, chechar. Thank you!!!

I am now listening to Diana Hunter talking about Agenda 21 and the Protocols, as well as about rabbinical sexual child abuse, on the MP3’s of 1/4 and 1/15, found at the Spingola Specials at Spinola.com. Whatever would Greg Johnson say?!

Good to see Covington referencing The Godfather. TGFI/II are inspired works for anyone who wants to understand power. The Corleone family was also symbolic of European strength before it succumbed to materialism and comfort. At the end (part 2 because GF3 doesn’t count), Michael was truly alone as no-one else in his family possessed the ‘will’ do do what is necessary.

The fact that Greg Johnson is using films like Twilight and Batman to ‘teach’ WN says it all really.

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