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Audios Judeo-reductionism

Niflson answers to the monocausalists

Here is the audio response by Severus Niflson to a couple of commenters that apparently believe that our current Western malaise is not, in part, the fault of Whites—but of Jews alone.

Of course, to understand the context of this curious audio-textual-audio exchange, you will have to listen to “The Heretics’ Hour: Are White Males Hooked on Weakness?”: Carolyn Yeager’s extremely didactic radio show last Monday.

3 replies on “Niflson answers to the monocausalists”

The average white psyche as is flawed and defective, yes. But some rare elements of the race are healthy. The tragedy arises when these healthy elements are serving instead of ruling.

This is a damnable chicken-or–the-egg problem for White Nationalism.

The “what has caused these dark times, and what continues to perpetuate it? Is it the deviance of the Jew, or the weakness in the European heart?”

Many are correct: “rebuilding” white psychological strength is an almost impossible task with Jewish control over the cultural control mechanisms.

So to rebuild character, we must destroy the Jew and his apparatuses.

But to destroy such things, we need White men of character willing to live spiritual existences antithetical to the Judaic ideal.

It is a devilishly circular problem.

I believe we must start thinking in post-crash terms, in what we can do establish the framework for those wishing to build a future from near scratch.

Whether the crash is hard or soft, it will awaken many from decadent Western existences in search of some spiritual guide in trying and uncertain times.

We must prepare for an age where the internet recedes from its open, egalitarian availability.

We must prepare for a an age in which White Nationalism will only be spread through on the street, by the hand to hand transfer of literary works and pamphlets that we publish and spread by any means necessary. We must prepare to convert the soup kitchen line and the striking worker, we must prepare to convert the veteran whose pension was forgotten, the White shopkeeper robbed by colored mobs who prey all the more ferociously in times of necessity.

The treasure trove of White Nationalism stats, blogposts, and other things within our online “refuge” will quickly be forgotten in these trying times. Reality will be such a dogged realm it will force our attention away from the cyberspace screen and into the hardships of the post-collapse life.

I imagine something like the Northwest Quartet being distributed in mass by revolutionaries who had once thought it sufficient to merely meander online. WN novels being printed on cheap, crappy material, but effectively distributed to those Whites who need guidance.

When reality ceases to be more than irrelevant pleasantries, Whites will awaken, and in their inherent humanity search for true hope and futurity.

We will offer them the 14 words, and guarantee their hope by appeal to the divinity of the White Race.

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