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1 Reply on “The specter of Nazism

  1. This is the whole Johnson quotation in that Occidental Observer thread:

    RE the Hitler question:

    Jews and their allies and tools have engineered modern politics and culture to set the white race on the path to extinction. It is a genocidal system, pure and simple.

    That system includes people’s moral sensibilities, which are trained to regard white racism and all forms of anti-Semitism as evil in themselves.

    Another part of the genocidal system is the status system that trains all people to think that past manifestations of white ethnocentrism are all hopelessly stupid, evil, crazy, and hateful, including the Confederacy, the KKK, and the Nazis.

    It is the height of naivete to think that we are ever going to save our race in the political realm while leaving that that moral outlook and status system intact and unchallenged.

    You can ritually condemn Hitler, the KKK, and the Confederacy all you want, but as soon as you present a credible challenge to the existing system, you will be labelled “just like” Hitler and the rest of them. That’s an unintended compliment. And of course, in terms of all essentials, it is correct.

    So you might as well prepare yourself for that eventuality. It strikes me that at that point, you have two options: to deny the truth because you will not challenge the existing status system, or to take the status system on.

    Mike Polignano gave a really good answer to that kind of smear in one of his essays in TAKING OUR OWN SIDE. In essence, he said: Our position is the only moral and enlightened one, and if Nazis and the KKK agree with us, that is to their credit.

    I don’t think that WNs today should be Nazis or KKK members in white sheets. But the hallmark of political enlightenment and maturity for me is connected with how one treats these sticky subjects. We will never free our people until we first free our minds from the false morality and false status system that have been engineered to annihilate us.

    People who wet their beds at the specter of Nazis and the KKK are just too shallow in their understanding of the forces arrayed against us, and too beholden to the enemy’s moral outlook and status system, to be of any use in our struggle.

    Or they are mere “concern trolls” trying to keep our people in mind-forged manacles so we will never be able to resist our genocide.

    I would recommend searching for the subsequent responses by Johnson, Matt Parrott and Lew in that thread. Very didactic!