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Matt Parrott’s definition of metaphysics


What does it really mean to have a metaphysical orientation, other than being spacey?

In the most sparse and generic terms, it entails truly and integrally believing in something which transcends self.

The ramifications of that are tremendous. It’s that special sauce distinguishing a woman who purses her lips and concludes “I agree that we definitely need to have more children, but we simply can’t afford to have any more in this economy…” and a woman who actually has more kids. It’s the difference between a man who concludes “White genocide is wrong, and I’m going to blog anonymously about it…” and a man who concludes “White genocide is wrong, and I’m going to speak forcefully against it in church tomorrow…”

On some fine day in the future, being pro-White will be the way to be to bag that good job or make a good impression on that babe in Accounting. One day, I’ll be able to boast that I was pro-White before it was cool. You’ll insist that you were the “Jason Speaks” guy on that blog who argued passionately in support of White Survival. Nobody will believe you, because five other people will be claiming to be that guy.

But seriously, right now being pro-White is indubitably a matter of sacrifice. Only those who value something greater than self, those with a metaphysical orientation of one stripe or another, are willing and able to make those sacrifices.

There are a handful of exceptions, and there are special cases where men have found ways to protect their worldly stations while being pro-White. With the exception of autism-spectrum folks who are congenitally immune to social pressure and outcasts who latch on to racialism and antisemitism as a more provocative alternative to Satanism, nobody with their selfish interests at heart are going to speak out. Only people who have managed to “transcend self” are going to win what Evola calls the inner war necessary to win the outer war.

Source: Comment in “Review of Hyperborean Home

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