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Kevin MacDonald

Waking up…

A couple of days ago The Occidental Observer (TOO) published an article that contains this sentence:

After the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 AD, Paul’s psyop was taken to the next level by other Jewish gospel writers… In the year 326, the emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, and that was the end of the Roman body politic but the beginning of the assault on the Great White Race.

As I have said before, TOO edited by Kevin MacDonald is already waking up to the Christian Question! I just left a comment with a link to our new PDF, Neo-Christianity.

One reply on “Waking up…”

When with Jew, dare not listen to what comes out of his lying, venomous mouth. The Jew uses his tricks to one end only – to rule over the gentiles. Just as the old saying goes, “anti-racist is anti-White”, so too in the ancient world, the Christians had no issue with caring for the Jews, while the Aryans were their biggest enemies.

And so it applies even now, when the Jew Zelensky talks about the “free world”, or when another Jew, Prigozhin, has begun a second Russian civil war this night, calling shamelessly for a “change” against the oligarchs – while in reality leading to the death and suffering of millions of gentiles.

This way, monocausalist anti-semitism could be of use, for those who reject the Jew might actually come to doubt the moral framework that protects said Jew.

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