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West's darkest hour


Watch a brief YouTube video here.

It was in 2009, when I hadn’t yet woken up to the Jewish question and was immersed in the content of Gates of Vienna, a counter-jihad site, that I discovered a quote from Melanie Phillips about “the West’s darkest hour” and thought it was the perfect title to start my own blog.

4 replies on “Melanie”

So, basically we got rid of “religion?” Sounds more like we got rid of “organized” religion and replaced it with an unorganized fundamentalist state religion which has all the worst properties of the old organized religion. Instead of priests we have mommy professors, corporate sponsors and grifters.

We never got rid of Religion. Men are always religious about something, let it be Wotan, jesus, the “Science”, sports or money.

A state replaces its mystic traditional religion with propaganda to shape public opinion.

Like everybody has been taught to believe myths such as that WW2 was a good war, that 6 gorillion jews dying was bad, that evil white Natzis got what they deserved, women’s rights, racial equality/oppression and so forth.

Talking geographically, the Anglos never repudiated traditional Christianity. The Germans did. All that the Anglos did was kill Germany and proliferate the Hindus and the Mongoloids, and now chemically castrate their children.

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