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Aryan beauty

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Now I have that wondrous tune playing in my head.

My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds that rise
from the lake to the trees
My heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies
from a church on a breeze
To laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over stones
on its way
To sing through the night
like a lark who is learning to pray

It still impresses my mind how an anti-Hitlerian film could depict such beauty. But then I remember that WW2 was a civil war for the soul of Europe – and both the Christians and the Aryans lay claim to the heritage of the fair race. (Anyway, this is my explanation as to how Germany abandoned Hitler so easily.)

I hate to say it, but if you’re victorious all sins are forgiven. If you fail, no matter how noble the aims and how tenaciously you fought, you are the villain.

In 1931, Feder was appointed chairman of the economic council of the NSDAP but gradually, under pressure from industrialists like Gustav Krupp, Fritz Thyssen and Emil Kirdorf, Hitler decided to distance himself from Feder’s socialist ideas. With Hitler’s strategic alliance with big industrialists and capital, even foreign capital, for his intended war on Bolshevism, Feder lost most of his influence on the party since foreign banks especially would not have supported Feder’s plans for a nationalized interest-free banking system.
In 1934 the influential banker Hjalmar Schact was made Economics Minister since his contacts with the big industrialists made him more useful to Hitler in his rearmament aims than Feder with his stark anti-capitalist doctrines.”

pp. 2, 3. Manifesto for Breaking the Financial Slavery to Interest by Gottfried Feder.

Hitler sold his soul to the devil — Bank of London — long before the start of WWII. Big Money Power wins again. But, hey, international war grade armament costs big money. Unlikely that yeoman farms are going to produce the necessary profits for such evil.

A real fucking shame.

“Hitler sold his soul to the devil — Bank of London”

I really have to read more biographies on Uncle Adolf to claim something like that. At least I’ve read his table talks and… nope! No evidence that he sold his soul.

The National Socialists appeared to have a competent and harmonious management team under Uncle Adolf, unfortunately, I think the realities of money power and the temptations to utilize “payday loan” quick money methods to crank up the war machine took its toll.

My world view may be overly simplistic: Both the JQ and CQ have at their roots the worship and utilization of Money Power. Both are dependent on the City of London banks.

Please show me where I’ve got this world view wrong.

Both the JQ and the CQ originated long before the City of London banks.

The only real fucking shame was sending Ribbentrop to Moscow to sign a contract with the Bolshevik devil.
Hitler sold his soul? Without Big Money rearmament was not possible, and then the Reds would have a field day conquering Germany and France in the 1940’s.
Without Big Money you can’t get real power, you can’t get people to work for you, you can’t install a crypto anti-christian state.
Without money you can’t protect your people from anybody.
Without money you can’t do shit.
Hitler didn’t sell out. He did what he had to, he got the money he needed, and wrote history with it.

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