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Gonzalo Lira’s take on Tucker Carlson yesterday and today.

A commenter said earlier this month: ‘Tucker needs to stay on the air, waking up White minds. Criticizing the ADL is as extreme as he can get on the Jewish issue. And he was very brave to do that!’

But now he’s gone…

3 replies on “Tucker”

Lira has done it. Called Tucker a dissident. Tucker is not a dissident. The real dissidents would like to see the entire system burn in a nuclear hecatomb. The real dissidents are the most hateful of incels, for example – and they command no respect among the American normies. (And that is the opposite situation to the late-stage Soviet Union whose core values were widely mocked and derided by the populace, albeit in secret.)

Indeed. The real dissidents like Dr William Pierce are mostly ignored by normies and especially hated by neo christian “racialists”.

Lira is still within the matrix or pretending to be in it. I remember Caesar sending him once an email about the 14 words and the JQ. Did he ever reply back or made a video about it? I don’t know but I don’t think he did.

Because then that will make him a real dissident, and therefore will lose most of his normie audience as “red pill” coach.

About what that commenter said… I wonder if he is aware of how many people are already wake in America, but still won’t do anything about it. Especially as long as the boomer generations lives.

I say that because many young white men spend too much of their time doing activism by spreading the word of the JQ, which they do as reactionists out of alienation.

They should instead focus their energies on educating themselves, finding a suitable woman and raising a family, which will be infinitely much better.

Hi Jamie,

It wasn’t an email but a comment on his YouTube channel, which I don’t know if he read.

Lira is a normie certainly; and most of the racial right (JQ, etc.) are semi-normies stuck halfway across the Rubicon.

Those of us on the other side of the river know that the bogyman is something deeper than the JQ: the inversion of all values (cf. Nietzsche). The recent Dominion quote says it all, especially in the bold letters I put colour in.

Tucker and Lira are on the other side of the river, in Normieland. But they are closer to the shore, still on dry land, than most normies. They are not even ‘Alt Lite’ (Stefan Moly with his channel censored for his videos about IQ and race, etc.).

Without Tucker the normies who watch Fox won’t even go near the river anymore….

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