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Der Ring des Nibelungen

Different sections


For clarity of the timing of the different sections:

The Rheingold

1. Prelude 0:05
2. Das Rheingold 4:20
3. Nibelheim 6:11
4. Valhalla 8:38

The Valkyrie

5. the Valkyries 11:53
6. fire magic 15:40


7. woodland weaving 19:36
8. Siegfried’s heroic deed 21:53
9. Brünnhilde’s Awakening 28:17

Twilight of the Gods

10. Siegfried & Brünnhilde 34:34
11. Siegfried’s Rhine Journey 38:50
12. Siegfried’s Death 44:12
13. Funeral Music 49:59
14. Brünnhilde’s Sacrificial Act 55:49

2 replies on “Different sections”

I’m excited to see some blonde hair in this orchestra playing Wagner. If Hitler had won the war, there would be even more blondes…

Thank you so much CT for showing this orchestra.
I have been breaking my rule of not listening to degenerate ‘music’ lately, and this majestic storytelling drowns out the noise. It strengthens the resolve.

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