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Exterminationism Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Savitri quotes

So what is left for those who now live, devoted body and soul, to our ideal of visible (and invisible) perfection on all levels? On a global scale, or even a national scale, absolutely nothing. It is too late. The twenty-fifth hour has come and gone, too long ago. On an individual scale, or at least on a restricted scale, we must preserve, insofar as it is still within our power, the beauty of the world: human, animal, vegetable, inanimate; all beauty. The elite minorities must be defended at all costs: all the noble minorities, whether they be the Aryans of Europe, Asia or America, conscious of the excellence of their common race, or the noble trees threatened with the atrocious uprooting by bulldozers for multitudes of two-legged mammals, less beautiful and less innocent than them.

It remains to watch and resist, and to help any beautiful minority attacked by the agents of chaos; to resist, even if it only delays by a few decades the disappearance of the last aristocrats. There is nothing else one can do, except, perhaps, to curse in one’s heart, day and night, today’s humanity (with very rare exceptions) and to work with all one’s might for their annihilation. There is nothing to do but to make oneself responsible for the end of this cycle, at least by wishing it ceaselessly, knowing that thought—and especially directed thought—is also a force, and that the invisible governs the visible.

[…] The passage of the poem quoted above reminds me of the title of a book published in France a few years ago: a cry of alarm at the idea that what will be, in a generation or two, the amplitude of human expansion on the surface of our unhappy planet: Six milliards d’insectes, i.e. six billion two-legged mammals with the habits and mentality of the termite mound.[1]

Forests are mercilessly uprooted by bulldozers so that a human settlement, certainly less beautiful than it, disappears to make way for ‘laughter, vile noises, cries of despair.’[2]

[…] The action which suppresses it for the benefit of man, that insatiable parasite, is a crime against the universal mother whose respect should be the first duty of a so-called thinking being. And it is almost consoling, for those who think and aren’t particularly enamoured of the two-legged mammal, to see that Mother Nature sometimes reacts to this outrage by manifesting herself in her terrible aspect.


[1] Editor’s note: At the time of editing this book the world population has exceeded 8 billion: double compared to the time when Savitri was writing her book.

[2] Leconte de Lisle, ‘Là Forêt Vierge’ (Poèmes Barbares).

2 replies on “Savitri quotes”

I instinctively dislike it when my fellow Ukrainian Orcs saw off trees (that the Bolsheviks used to plant due to heavy industry), yet still I don’t fully grasp Savitri’s impeachment of man (especially since she does not focus on needless child abuse). I might not have sufficient experience with non-humans, but it is my impression that all animals are guided by the same force, and the logic behind both a concrete city and a jungle forest is inherently the same – the growth of the feeling of power.

Unless Savitri specifically despises social animals such as ants, termites and humans. But isn’t the intelligence of their sum comparable to the beauty of a lion?

” 6 milliards d’insectes, i.e. six billion two-legged mammals with the habits and mentality of the termite mound.”

This is the essence that reflects the insanity of many featherless bipeds today. I like the cynicism in her way of expressing, just like how Dr Pierce was, and ultimately myself.

Notice that the over population of today is mostly composed of sub humans, with China, India and USA at the top (let alone the explosion of negroes in Africa).

This over population has been artificially created and sustained by oil production and judeo christian values. As many in the past have said, once the whole system crashes, there would be famine and death of unimaginable proportions, which will be good for the rest of the world.

However, countries like Germany and Norway have been punished dearly with low birth rates (courtesy of judeo-anglo rotten culture and its feminism). Its saddening to realize how many blonde children are not being born today because of that.

The thoroughly destruction of the lebensborn program should be rewriten in history books as crime against humanity, but that could only be possible after a complete transvaluation of values.

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