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Evropa Soberana, backup 48

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A Kālacakra Mandala

Translation of a single sentence of the article:

The Kālacakra, a Tibetan Buddhist tantric scripture with strong Hindu influences, states that when the world degenerates into a maelstrom of war and greed, out of Shambhala will emerge Kalki (‘white horse’, or ‘destroyer of filth’): a kind of messiah who will form an army and fight the demonic forces, killing by the millions the barbarians and the ‘thieves who have usurped the royal power’. Gathering all the Brahmins of the world, he would find a new race to populate the golden age to come.

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Interestingly, the final sentence reads:

The situation in Russia has been reversing since 1999, in a slow process of rebuilding the former Russian power thanks to which today the Federation is once again a superpower capable of dealing one-on-one with the other heavyweights on the world chessboard. When in 2006 the oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky was thrown into a Siberian prison, then slashed in the face by an inmate and then placed in solitary confinement, when in 2009 Putin brought several oligarchs to the table and forced Oleg Deripaska, Russia’s richest man, to sign a key document, when in 2013 Boris Berezovsky was found dead in England, the message was sent: Russia is not an appendage of globalisation decreed from the City of London and New York: it is another independent power with its interests. The strategic moves that have taken place after the fall of the curtain will be discussed in the second part of this series of articles.

It would be a dark timeline indeed if America won this war, prolonging its unholy existence by a decade or few. Do you still refuse to read Igor Strelkov’s VK page?

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