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Hi Cesear:

Off topic, but in term of Hitler’s Table Talk, Richard Carrier [On the Historicity of Jesus] claimed and still claims that the Table Talks are not true, as they are based on a mistranlated French version of the original German [of which there are four version which disagree to some extent]. He even asserts that the German texts of Table Talk are inaccurate. What do you make of these? (I’m still researching this). Here are links to carriers articles on his own website on the subject matter:




I would like to promote your translation of ‘Rome contra Judea, Judea contra Rome’ in the physical book edition. Can you point me to where it is physically available for purchase on your new website (as a contribution)?

After Lulu Inc., cancelled my account for political incorrectness, I asked a racialist book publisher for advice. But he was also cancelled by Lulu, Amazon and IngramSpark! He suggested I hire a local printer. The problem is that it’s only affordable for them to print about 20 books at a time, and I don’t have the funds for that.

I recently decided to start learning the trade of a professional bookbinder. But before I master the trade I must take the printed material to the bookbinder who will give me lessons.

I thought, when I finish revising Savitri’s book, to announce that it will be available in hardcopy thanks to the craftsmanship of this bookbinder. For the time being, if anyone wants a hardcopy of The Fair Race (or any other book of my Daybreak Press), which contains the great essay on Rome and Judea, I could tell my bookbinder to bind a copy for me. But as I have not sold a single bound copy, I ignore how much it would cost (especially international shipping).

Anyone who wants a printed copy of The Fair Race should contact me by mail, which is at the end of ‘Our Books’.

I have already bought your hard copy of Rome contra Judea, Judea contra Rome, some time ago on your previous website. I wish this could be readily available in print as it was quite the read. I would recommend it, hands down, to anyone as a must-have book in one’s collection.

It is rather sad that it is so hard to have these made to the public.

Perhaps some digital copy can suffice for some, for some contribution perhaps, but that is entirely up to you.

Whatever the case may be, please let us know how/when/where and it what format it becomes available. It is a must read!

If a fan of my “Daybreak Press” would like to contribute with his time, I would be infinitely grateful if he could open an account on IngramSpark and start uploading the PDFs that appear in “Our Books”. Since it takes time, effort and some money to learn that software and publish books, I wouldn’t mind this hypothetical fan taking 50% of the royalties, as long as our books are available in print again. (I don’t have time to learn IngramSpark‚Äôs software to make the covers; I’m still going through Savitri’s book and I’m still about a hundred pages short.)

If no fan of this site is encouraged to open an account on IngramSpark or another print-on-demand online platform, I have no choice but to learn the traditional bookbinder trade. My ultimate goal is a craft that reaches these levels of artistry in bookbinding! But at the moment I can only tell my binder teacher to bind The Fair Race to look something like these books that he already binded.

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