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2001: A Space Odyssey (movie) Art Film

60K words article!

‘Jews control Hollywood and make movies for themselves that the dumb white gentiles believe to be about them.’

You may read this article, nay a mini-book, on The Unz Review here.

In the comments section we learn that the mini-book is full of typos, and there’s another comment I agree about ‘the late great Stanley Kubrick.’ He wrote: ‘2001 a Space Odyssey ASO is the greatest work of art ever made by a human being.’ But what does ‘ASO’ stand for? (remember, I am not a native English speaker).

5 replies on “60K words article!”

I read only about one fifth of this minibook-article. I also had dreams of making movies when I was a teenager.
ASO = ‘A Space Odyssey’. I never liked this movie. Too slow, too abstract.

Speaking of space, I find it irritating when boomers and Gen-X’ers go on a tangent about colonizing Mars and the solar system, as if we were living in some prequel to Star Trek or Blade Runner or some bullshit sci-fi movie.
How can we colonize other planets, when we can’t even colonize other continents properly?
Notice how the further away from Europe Whites inhabit, the more degenerate and weak they become? Hollywood is the furthest West that Whites colonized en masse. Australia is the furthest East.
Now, Hollywood is a mind-poison factory, and Australia is a Hapa (half-asian)melting pot .

Blood and Soil is the Aryan spirit, quite literally: the price to pay to fully and truly attain a Soil, you must spill rivers of your own Blood for it – in it.

I watched this year’s remake of All Quiet on the Western Front. The battle scenes were amazing, but the overall message of the movie – War is Evil – is extremely toxic.
If I had a multimillion dollar budget, I would make a movie that glorifies war to the extreme. “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori!”

There is no glory in getting killed by an IDF drone in the swamps of Ukraine, no matter which side you’re on.

Drones aren’t war enders, and neither are nukes.
We fought for glory when we were proud of our people. Now we must fight against our own people in inglorious ways.

Drones and other fancy war machines can be countered with the right equipment and preparation.

The real problem is to rally the spirit of men who’ve been thoroughly confused and emasculated.

That was the real purpose of the COVID scamdemic, to further break men’s moral and their will to organize.

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