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Kevin MacDonald Mexico City

For Spanish-speaking folk

Do you remember my article under the long title ‘Enrique Krauze, Mexico’s Most Prominent Public Intellectual, Hates Trump (and White, Protestant America)’ that was published almost four years ago in The Occidental Observer?

Enrique Krauze has just published a thick autobiographical book.

I obtained a copy of his book earlier this week and find it fascinating, as Krauze recounts how he was raised by his Jewish family in Mexico City after they fled Poland with Hitler’s rise to power. What he says about Nazism and the Holocaust also fascinated me, as it is rare in Mexico for Jews to speak openly about their philias, phobias and abismal fears, and even more so in books that become bestsellers (as Krauze’s book is becoming)!

I live to the uttermost south of the big city, where apparently no Jews live (in Mexico City, Jews are concentrated in Polanco and Las Lomas). In a café where I used to play chess, years ago I spoke, very briefly, with a Jewish scholar of chess, about Hitler. But I have never had a long conversation with one of them on the subject—which is why I was so interested in the book by Krauze that the Spanish publisher TusQuets has just released (Krauze is even going to Argentina and Chile this month to continue promoting his book!).

Of course: such a book could only be of interest to Spanish speakers who are aware of the Jewish question. Here I can only say that my short 2018 article that Kevin MacDonald accepted for his webzine caused me some trouble, though not serious, in the city where I live.