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Educating Gonzalo

Gonzalo Lira is the most outspoken journalist in Ukraine. He has a big mouth (here we see him younger, when he was still living in the US). When the war broke out, one of his videos went viral in Russia.

Wikipedia, which is under the Jewish yoke and which I am ashamed to have edited in the past, deleted its article ‘Gonzalo Lira’ since Gonzalo started uploading videos in Ukraine. After the social media turned him into a non-person, one has to look in old newspapers in Spanish (for example this one from when Gonzalo was twenty-eight years old), to find out that Gonzalo had a novel published in English for which an American publisher gave him a million dollars.

But that doesn’t mean that the US-educated Chilean journalist is perfect. Far from it, although it is curious that at 1:34 of his March video (where he demonstrates that Zelensky is a puppet) Gonzalo says that his father was a thug (I guess in Chile under Pinochet), and after 1:49 he admits that his father mistreated him as a child.

Gonzalo despises thugs. But he doesn’t seem to have the faintest idea what the Soviet thugs did in Germany or even to the Russian people. I wonder if he has read The Gulag Archipelago.

The central problem I see with journalists, even good journalists, is that they are the historians of the moment. They lack a deep insight into the historical past, which on this site I have related to the fictional character of Bran the Broken, the three-eyed crow, to illustrate my point imaginatively.

Gonzalo, like virtually all journalists today, hasn’t the remotest idea of what National Socialism really was. I doubt he will ever visit The West’s Darkest Hour. But if he does one day, to educate Gonzalo I will say that the anti-Nazi propaganda has been identical to the anti-Russian propaganda we see now on TV. If Gonzalo wants to educate himself about the bare facts of WWII he will have to read what dissenting historians have written (which is why our next post will be about David Irving).

In his March video we see Gonzalo angry because he fears what the thugs might do to his young children in Ukraine. I’ve never seen him so angry in any of his other videos. He almost cried. When he touches on Zelensky’s origins, he disagrees with critics of those grotesque videos of Zelensky dancing like a faggot. Instead, Gonzalo compares Zelensky to the actor Ronald Reagan! That’s another problem with journalists today. I’m older than Gonzalo, and still remember a time when it would be inconceivable that an actor who went out dancing like a faggot would be taken seriously by a sane citizenry.

At 1:08 of his March video, Gonzalo says of Zelensky’s thugs: ‘They are actual neo-Nazis’. As I said, Gonzalo hasn’t read any NS literature (he should start with Hitler’s table talk). Zelensky’s so-called neo-Nazis are only Nazis in their fascist uniforms and tattoos. But in reality they subscribe to feminism! And like the despicable Westerners, these mudbloods also listen to rock and degenerate music. To top off the grotesque and surreal, seventy-five per cent of Zelensky’s cabinet (as well as the Jewish mobster who put him in the presidential chair) are Jews. Apparently, Coach Red Pill, Gonzalo’s former pen name, hasn’t taken the redpill when it comes to the JQ.

Finally, as a mestizo, Gonzalo is completely uninterested in the fourteen words, so why am I promoting him on this site? For the simple fact that the extremely dense smokescreen of smoke and mirrors that is the Western media makes it impossible for us to see what’s going on in the Ukraine war: which is actually a war between the US and Russia. It isn’t enough to read pro-Russian Andrew Anglin, whose shrill literary style for decadent teenagers disgusts me. We need the voice of someone who is in Ukraine and says things contrary to what we listen to in the media.

If there was a real National Socialist doing journalism in Ukraine, I would pass the microphone not to Gonzalo but to the NS reporter. But such a person doesn’t exist, courtesy of what the Soviets and Americans perpetrated last century.

4 replies on “Educating Gonzalo”

I presume that, if Gonzalo is not even aware of the JQ, less is expected that he becomes aware of the CQ and how they are related to the madness of today.

Most people here have already forgotten about Ukraine and are back into the Matrix with masks on.

There is something very curious about this CQ/JQ thing. It’s easier to talk about CQ with people than JQ. The black guy who just got canceled in the US for naming the Jew demonstrates it. On the other hand, if a public figure spoke about the CQ, he wouldn’t be canceled. It’s very ironic, but the best way to educate someone on JQ is to introduce him to CQ—for example ‘The Red Giant’ essay which I’ll include in the latest edition of On Exterminationism (I hope the style revision is due next month).

I’m glad you accurately described the characters who are called ‘Nazis’ in the Ukraine and to whom people like Lira attribute such power and influence. Most of these guys have very little in common with the real National Socialists of the 1930s and would have been rejected by Hitler and his supporters. They really are thugs and degenerates. Somewhat like the neo-Nazi types that have been seen in several western countries on and off over the last fifty or so years. If these ‘Nazis’ in the Ukraine were genuine they certainly wouldn’t be associating with, and fighting to sustain, a regime that is almost totally corrupt and controlled by Jews. The Russians themselves are tied into the mythology of the ‘Great Patriotic War’ and are unable to see that the real enemy in Ukraine is not ‘Nazism’ but American and Jewish power.

Russians are as brainwashed as Americans are.

Most of them don’t even understand at all why they are going for war or if there is something they will gain out of it other than just getting themselves killed, and I wish that was an exaggeration.

Is like they are dead inside already and have been turned into some sort of automaton.

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