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TFM revisited

Since I consider the ideas of MGTOW vlogger Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) central to the book I edited, On Beth’s Cute Tits, after a few years of not listening to his podcasts these days I’ve been listening to a couple of them.

As I said in On Beth’s Cute Tits, the problem with TFM is that, at least in his early days, he vehemently rejected racism. But in his 9 October 2022 podcast, TFM confessed that the thought police has been cancelling him, on various platforms, at the same time as they are cancelling neo-Nazis. He even got acquainted with William Pierce’s cosmotheism, and also mentioned The Turner Diaries.

This doesn’t mean that TFM has become racist. In another of his podcasts, the last one, he mentioned that he commented in white nationalist forums. But when TFM told them that the solution was to eliminate feminism and the welfare state, the nationalists got angry and called him a Jew (which apparently he is not). I don’t know that specific forum, but it is known that except for Andrew Anglin, nationalists are not aware of how feminism will destroy the Aryan unless we return to patriarchy.

I am not so optimistic as to believe that TFM will become racist, but what surprised me is that he is no longer so far from our side of the psychological Rubicon. However, the central problem I see with MGTOW is the same problem I see with WN: they are not revolutionaries, only reactionaries. And only a revolution as historic as the French Revolution, but now in the US, can change things.

What TFM ignores is that the English-speaking neo-Nazis are very different from the German National Socialists of the last century. Yesterday, by the way, I submitted my 2013 article ‘Why I am not a neo-Nazi’ to the proofreader DeepL Translator as it is chosen for the revised edition of On Exterminationism. We are proofreading only one article per day from that book because I find that if I work very slowly the text is cleaner.

I have never tried to contact TFM because of our ideological differences. But it would be good for him to come across The West’s Darkest Hour. Since TFM hasn’t yet woken up to the Jewish question, it would do him a world of good if from William Pierce’s ‘Seeing the Forest’ he would be interested in other articles on the JQ in The Fair Race.