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Gaedhal quote

I think that one of the reasons that conservatives despise Hitler so much, is because he actually took effective action against the social evils of his day instead of just bitching and whining about the social evils of his day as a shekels-garnering exercise, which is what conservatives do.

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Little poem I made: “The two largest empires of the world, the one of the Empire of the Enlightenment, Liberal philosophy, Globalism, Globalization, materialism, secularism, free-market Capitalism, Freemasonry, Anglo-Americanism, Zionism, international finance and the Empire of post-Liberalism, post-colonialism, post-Communism, Eurasianism, Duginism, subhuman “liberation”, extreme Abrahamism, Sino-Russian power will wipe each other out in nuclear war. The destruction and death shall consume the world, wiping out hordes of subhuman and the degenerated, hedonistic, individualistic, decadent, Magian cesspool that is modernity and the world produced by both of these empires. Let nuclear radiation cover the Earth and wipe out both of these degenerated and dying empires out and all of the enemies of our noble, righteous and beautiful race. All other negotiations and potential political, social, cultural and material options to save our people have been proven endlessly to be futile due to the sheer power and influence of these two empires and the utterly pathetic and degenerate state of most of our race. Just as in ancient India, the masses of subhumans will be consumed by nuclear hellfire. A New Man will come about from this Kali Yuga just as it did in centuries past. The path of the warrior, the path of the scholar which will naturally be paved once the white noise of modernity is burned away. Let it burn, let the New Man of our race rise from the ashes and ruin of civilization. Let new settlements be built and civilization rebuilt under us and under the holy banner of the swastika once the radiation subsides and the flames calm. It is the only path.”

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