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Style to be corrected

Except for my final essay, my critique of feminist Game of Thrones [1], I have used DeepL Translator to correct the style of my On Beth’s Cute Tits articles.

This day I will put the PDF of this edition of On Beth’s Cute Tits in the featured post even though I have yet to correct the style of that final essay. (I’ll even do the same with Day of Wrath even though I have to use the DeepL engine from the chapter ‘The Bernaldine pages’.)

Since correcting the style is extremely time-consuming, even with that program, I don’t care that my current style, the style of someone who thinks in Spanish and not in English, sounds a little odd in some passages of those PDFs. What matters are the ideas, although I will eventually use DeepL Translator to modify my non-native style in the chapters I have yet to correct, in the books mentioned.

However, I will refrain from putting the unrevised edition of On Exterminationism in the featured post for the time being. I want to use DeepL Translator throughout it.

Before ending the task of correcting the style in all the above books, I think I should post the full PDF of Savitri Devi’s book we recently translated, since there is no other full English translation.

And then there is Deschner’s book! The current PDF has yet to be updated to the time of Charlemagne’s death.

Add to that the next anthology of important articles on this site dated after my critique of MacDonald’s review of Corey’s book (which is where Daybreak ends). The work ahead of me is overwhelming!

I communicate better with books than with single posts, since the central claim of this site is nothing less than a paradigm shift: from believing that the JQ is the root cause of white decline to proposing that it is rather Judeo-Christianity. Such paradigm-threatening ideas can only be well articulated in books.

So for the moment I apologise that, with the exception of Daybreak, the books whose PDFs appear in the featured post are not fully corrected. Just correcting the style of my translations of the Spanish author’s various articles in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour will take considerable time. But at least as The Fair Race and other PDFs stand at the moment, they are readable enough for the native English reader to understand.

Of course, if I were a millionaire I’d have a team of native proofreaders to take care of the style and I’d be concentrating solely on the content of our ideas!

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[1] With the House of the Dragon prequel things have gone from bad to worse—much worse! Game of Thrones was a series where its main characters were white. House of the Dragon pushes blacks as main characters. I haven’t seen—and won’t see!—the latest episodes of House of the Dragon. But I understand that somewhere the blond prince appears with his café au lait children, insofar as the HBO director cast his bride as coloured (in Martin’s novel the prince’s fiancée is ultra-white).

This is infinitely worse than mere Game of Thrones feminism: one more propagandistic step to convince the white audience that they must commit ethnic suicide…

2 replies on “Style to be corrected”

This may be a last-minute help, but here’s a few typos I have found, and I wonder whether your method has caught them.
1. on October 2020 (p. 11)
2. This competence for limited resources; such competence (p.106)
3. the entire history White civilisation (p. 115)
4. compelled do the unthinkable (p. 122)
And there might have been the case of “of” being used instead of “if” once, but I failed to mark it down.

What PDF are you considering? I haven’t even uploaded the latest version. Tonight I’ll do it (forget the old version of On Beth; I’ll delete it, also tonight).

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