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My first book

Those who don’t read Deschner’s series on Christendom’s history on which I am now focusing are perhaps unaware that, within those posts, I interject comments of my own. For example, yesterday I commented on Charlemagne’s childhood as follows:

The autobiographical genre I want to inaugurate, analysing our abusive parents, sheds great light on these issues.

Anyone who has read my De Jesús a Hitler will know that my father was picked on in Catholic schools. The priests perpetrated a tremendous psyop on him (remember that the Jesuits say that if you give them a child at six, mentally he will be theirs forever).

In one of the sources Deschner himself quotes, Charlemagne is said to have been educated in a monastery. That is the key to understanding everything he did when he left that place.

As bizarre as it may seem, analysing the mad father who mistreated us sheds intense light on historical figures who caused the darkest hour that the white man is currently suffering from. But who’s interested in this new literary genre?

Unlike our books on racial issues, the good news is that Lulu Inc. is not censoring my books dealing with parental abuse of their children. That means I will be able to translate each of my books originally written in the language of Cervantes: a series I decided to title From Jesus to Hitler. The first of these eleven books appears below in brown because it is possible, once again, to get a hard copy of it.

From Jesus to Hitler:

Whispering Leaves (Vol. I)

  1. Letter to mom Medusa
  2. How to murder your child’s soul
  3. My childhood
  4. The return of Quetzalcoatl
  5. Whispering leaves

Will you help me? (Vol. II)

  1. Father
  2. Corina
  3. Mother
  4. Leonora
  5. Will you help me?

11. The Grail (Vol. III)
Unless death surprises me, I will eventually translate the other ten. Understanding why my father did what he did sheds great light on the subject I am passionate about: deciphering the ethnosuicidal mind of today’s white man, like what I said above about Charlemagne. Once the translation of From Jesus to Hitler is finished, it will be much easier to explain my philosophical ideas. But of course: my visitors would have to know what I have written.

I will now add Letter to mom Medusa to the featured post.

At the moment, my books on racial issues are only available as PDFs. That doesn’t bother me too much because even the thick volume of The Fair Race is comprised of many articles, which means that it is possible to print out one of those articles at home for convenient reading.

That is not possible with From Jesus to Hitler. There are books, such as the volumes of The Gulag Archipelago (whose most brilliant pages are incidentally also autobiographical) that have to be read in book form. Even fiction like LOTR (that is currently being outraged by Amazon) has to be read in book form, as indeed I did with the deluxe edition we see below.

The advantage of dividing From Jesus to Hitler into eleven books is that one can decide, after reading the first, whether it is worth investing time in the second; and so on. Unlike LOTR, in non-fiction it is extremely difficult to write in such an intense way that the reading doesn’t bore but moves us to continue reading a work that exceeds a thousand pages. That’s why it took me so many decades to finish it.

So my books in the From Jesus to Hitler series will not come in PDFs. If you want a copy of the first one you will have to get it by clicking on the brown words in the list above (if you want the whole series in the language in which it was written, click here).

Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and the Gods, said the inscription on the Delphic Temple. He who knows himself can no longer continue his ethnosuicidal practices. He has freed himself from the Monsters of the Id. He has become what Savitri Devi calls an initiate.