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On blood libel

One of the problems I see in white nationalist forums, something that can also be said of the literature for the German people that came out of the printing presses of the Third Reich, is that by focusing on Jewry the historical perspective is lost: a perspective that only appears when Hitler was talking to people he trusted; only then did he also blame Christianity (remember Hitler’s Religion).

The difference between American white nationalism and German National Socialism is that, in the absence of a Führer, there is no canon of writings to follow, only a diversity of views (‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’, a white nationalist, Trainspotter, once said). Worse, after the deaths of Revilo Oliver in 1994 and William Pierce in 2002, it could be said that the historical perspective is over and we are left with provincialisms in which only Jewry is discussed in these forums.

That provincialism distinguishes me from the American racialists of today, in that it seems obvious to me that only minds like Hitler’s, or Pierce’s on this side of the Atlantic, could provide the historical perspective to understand what is going on. From this angle, I would like to respond to Gaedhal’s interesting letter to us today:

I am not at my desktop. I don’t want to trawl through hours of stuff. However, this guy [YouTube interview: here], an atheist Jewish Rabbi, makes the same points that Bible Skeptic did. There are clues in the text of the Book of Genesis as we have it today that there was an earlier source in which Abraham went ahead with sacrificing Isaac to Yahweh.

During the time of the Babylonian exile, attitudes to human sacrifice changed. This is why in the Book of Ezekiel, Yahweh essentially apologises to the Jews for giving them ‘evil laws’ which included child sacrifice. Perhaps in the time of the exile, the story of Abraham and Isaac was altered such that Abraham no longer went through with the sacrifice.

In an earlier mail Gaedhal had said:

There is a reason why these people have been accused of ‘blood libel’ for 3,000 years… Yahweh, the Jewish god, in the Old Testament says that he will make people eat their own children. In my view, there is nothing libellous about ‘blood libel’.

There is a lot to talk about here! But as I said, it requires a historical perspective. It is a pity that at the moment not all the PDFs of our books are linked in the current featured post. As you know, although I am reviewing the books, my mother tongue isn’t English. I’m using a program that allows me to change the syntax I used when writing some of them to a syntax that sounds less strange to the native reader (the same program I’m using to write this very post). The problem is that it’s very time-consuming, and at the moment even The Fair Race, the only book linked in the featured post, isn’t syntax-checked with this program in the translated articles written by a Spaniard.

However, to answer Gaedhal you should read pages 183-192 of my Day of Wrath (provisional PDF, before the syntax check: here). Once you read those pages, it becomes clear how the historical perspective makes us understand much better the sacrificial practice of the early Hebrews before the Torah was edited right down to the ‘emasculated’ text, so to speak, that came down to us in the Bibles.

The key word is perspective. In Mexico where I live, for example, the learned indigenistas get very angry when a foreigner tells them about sacrifices—including ritual child sacrifice—in the pre-Hispanic world. It doesn’t occur to them that the simplest thing to do would be to point out that other cultures also sacrificed their children. I don’t like to defend Mexican indigenistas from such accusations, nor the Jews Gaedhal is talking about. But I insist: the historical perspective says it all, as I tried to show in the central part of Day of Wrath.

Regarding Jewry, it is clear that there was a change after the Babylonian exile: captivity at the hands of gentiles civilised them somewhat. But once the story of Abraham was modified so that the angel prevented him from sacrificing Isaac, my guess is that they abandoned those practices. Here in Mexico, the same thing happened with the ‘captivity’, so to speak, that the Mesoamerican Amerindians suffered at the hands of Europeans from 1521 to 1821, when the mestizos gained independence from the crown of Spain. Once independent, not even the Indians returned to their sacrificial practices (the sons of bitches do continue to ritually sacrifice animals, which is why I still hate them).

But my point is clear, and only those who have read Day of Wrath could get it. Historically, there are quantum leaps in psychogenesis, in the sense that there is more empathy now towards children than in the remote historical past. Infant sacrifice in Judaism is a thing of the past. Despite what many white nationalists believe, there is no forensic evidence that rituals such as the one represented by the oil painting at the top of this entry continue into our century.

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Thanks for your response, Cesar. I shot from the hip with this one. I was annoyed with Sam Harris, who is ethnically Jewish, but who has good criticisms of Christianity and good criticisms of Artificial Intelligence. He was joking in a cavalier manner about dead children in Hunter Biden’s basement. In a fit of passion I fired off two hasty emails. I actually concur with Dr. Robert Morgan: the Jews, if they have power over us, only have the power that we whites give to them. The biggest power we give to Jews is worshipping their God and their Messiah, Jesus. Christianity is the interface between the white man and Jewry. Christianity is the interface through which Jews rule over Goyim.

Did you see the Oprah episode where a Jewish woman claimed that Jewish ritual murder continued in our own day?

Again, like you, I don’t pay heed to most conspiracy theories. However, as that Atheist Rabbi points out: El is Saturn. Wikipedia even says this. Saturn devoured his own child. Saturn also castrated his own father, Uranus. Stephen Fry—another Jewish atheist!—’s Mythos is worth reading.

‘Christianity is the interface between the white man and Jewry. Christianity is the interface through which Jews rule over Goyim’. This is so good (imagine it as the intersection between two Venn circles) that merits citation as one of the quotable quotes of this site. Thank you! But… you still have to read pages 183-192 of my Day of Wrath.

Re: the indigenistas. There is no point talking to those who get angry when presented with verifiable information. It is utterly futile. I have spent dozens of hours trying to give my mom any perspective on the Ukrainian conflict – to no avail. It’s psychology, not an intellectual debate.

But I do wonder whether the Mexicans won’t regress to a lower psychoclass if the Aryans to the north get wiped out. That was my impression from your title The Return of Quetzalcoatl, even though you did not intend it so.

Yesterday I received an email from someone who believes that Jews practise child sacrifice of gentile kids. This was my response:

Hi B.:

My view of JQ is very different from that of the WNsts.

I studied ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ for some time (it doesn’t involve Jews by the way) and concluded that it was a typical moral panic phenomenon of American culture. I edited the SRA article on Wikipedia and I guess there are still some of my edits in that article.

I haven’t researched the blood libel but my working hypothesis is that it is very similar to the SRA ‘evidence’. We need hard, forensic evidence for these assertions. (Remember: I don’t believe in any conspiracy theory that Ron Unz promotes in his webzine.)

I’m glad you liked my posts critical of the religion of our parents.



Thanks for correcting me. I’m going to see if I can acquire some more source material into the Youshchinsky murder. Currently all my materials are in Russian. A large block of trial transcript, and some photos of the wounds, and bloodstained articles of clothing, plus a few area maps. I get the idea that it was a sadistic one off killing, rather than a pattern or tradition. The blood drainage could easily have some other (mundane) pure cruelty purpose, rather than anything fantastical. The problem I find reading all these Jewish Ritual Murder texts is that the writers are Christians, so there’s the obvious bias and hyperbole. They have a penchant for magical thinking, so it’s easier to apply it to others. The majority of the allegations are medieval up to 19th Century so it’s all literary and anecdotal. The English translation of G.G. Zamyslovsky’s book is apparently available online, according to National Vanguard, but I haven’t followed that up.

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