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New Testament The Jesus Hoax (book)

David Skrbina

Today I discovered this author and just requested his book The Jesus Hoax: How St. Paul’s Cabal Fooled the World for Two Thousand Years.

In a nutshell, he says that Jews figured out the best way to undermine the power of Rome and created the New Testament. You heard it right: Skrbina claims that Christianity was not only a myth but was deliberately produced by Jews to harm or destroy the Romans (see for example this interview).

Skrbina calls this the ‘Antagonism Thesis’, which he believes has more explanatory power than the ‘Mythicist Thesis’ because it ‘addresses the question of motive… The mythicists and other skeptics have no good account of a motive’.

Last year Counter-Currents published an article by Skrbina and I will be reviewing his book as soon as it reaches me (as you know, the masthead of this site is the essay of Judea vs. Rome in The Fair Race).