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Postscript to ‘To understand…’

Since I think in my mother tongue and not in English, to genuinely modify the syntax of the books I wrote when I was not yet using DeepL Translator (see the first part of my Thursday post) I will have to process all the texts not written by native English speakers. As in The Fair Race only the preface is mine, when I posted ‘To understand…’ (Note of August 23: I've now deleted that article and merged it into the current featured post) on Thursday I had forgotten that the texts of Evropa Soberana had been translated from Spanish!

That means I’ll have to process all that Spaniard’s long essays in my attempts to unify the style of my Daybreak Press books. But I will not remove the PDF of The Fair Race for the time being in the featured post. If a new visitor wants to find out about the POV of this site he would have to read something substantial (and the other essays in The Fair Race were written by native English speakers).

As I was saying recently, this obsession of mine with cleaning up the syntax of the Daybreak Press books has to do with the fact that the paradigm shift that this site proposes, from the plain Jewish Question to a paradigm involving the Christian Question, requires a formal presentation: and that can only be done with books. (Remember our metaphor: white nationalists see only the tip of the iceberg; we, besides seeing the JQ, know that beneath the tip lies the larger part of the iceberg, the CQ: insofar as Christian ethics supports the tip—i.e., it enables Jewry).

The work of processing all the book texts originally written in Spanish with DeepL Translator, whether Evropa Soberana’s or my own, is a slow but necessary task. It also has the advantage that by rereading our books I have been fine-tuning the presentation of the POV of this site in a more concise, focused and less informal way (as I was saying recently, I removed more than twenty articles from the forthcoming edition of the book that is in the process of being revised with the help of DeepL Translator). Once I finish processing that book, I would ideally like a native English speaker to give it final proofreading for the hard-copy version of the book. But that will be in the future, when I have the financial means to afford such work.

Changing the subject, Tucker Carlson yesterday released images of chimps-out across the US. That’s just the beginning. We can already imagine the order of magnitude of these chimp-outs after the American dollar collapses…

That is why we say we shouldn’t do anything premature in the real world. Inadvertently, the System is doing everything it can to destroy itself without outside help, both in North America and in Europe by cutting off the gas supply coming from Russia. Paradoxical as it may seem, at the moment the most revolutionary thing is the internal jihad: reading in the solitude of our bedrooms literature on the paradigm shift.

Without a paradigm shift in our hearts, there won’t be external jihad.