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Relocating articles

‘A new epoch is coming, one perhaps even more revolutionary than that resulting from Copernicus’s work’. —SS pamphlet

One of the advantages of not having our books published by a well-known publisher is that you can polish the content of all of them until they are just right.

Now that I’ve uploaded the PDFs to the featured post I realised that I could make some improvements, such as cutting and pasting those texts from the Daybreak book that I didn’t write into On Exterminationism, so that the former would have only my articles (also, Mauricio’s ‘How awake are you’ looks better in On Exterminationism than in Daybreak).

It is very difficult to arrange a series of books in such a way that the dialogue between them is impeccable. When I took a hard sciences course at the Open University of Manchester, I was impressed that eleven textbooks published by the OU (pic, the 9th) alluded to one another, with the proper numbering so that the student may review some passage from another book. Editorially, doing this through eleven books is very difficult unless there is a supervisory team to order, in the most didactic way possible, the content of the entire course.

But a single person can manage to order his thoughts on paper if he has unlimited time, which is what happens when no reputable publisher dares to publish any of our books (or censors them as Lulu, Inc. did).

Also, on Wednesday I posted a comment reminding visitors of the existence of an article in which I quoted the passage from Desmond Morris that so impressed me about why female breasts are so beautiful. Of course, I had alluded to that passage in the opening essay of On Beth’s Cute Tits but I hadn’t quoted it to speed up the little essay. But now that I’ve been going through my Daybreak Publishing books, it occurred to me to add that late-2020 entry to the book (or rather a mere PDF, while I get the funds for a printer).

* * *

What is killing the white race is neochristianity, in the sense of taking the Christian idea that only human souls are real—not the body or race—to its ultimate consequences. Watch Matt Walsh’s film ‘What is a Woman?’ on YouTube!

Paradoxically, the Woke monster that has Christians like Walsh scared is nothing more than taking the Christian principle of the human soul to the secular plane; for example, that there are men with vaginas, women with penises, and men who menstruate or who can give birth because what matters is how a particular human self-perceives himself or herself: a soul. It doesn’t matter that many atheists and agnostics no longer believe in post-mortem survival. What matters is that the Christian principle of the human soul has mutated into the secular realm in the most bestial way imaginable.

One of the things I liked most about Desmond Morris’s The Naked Ape is that it confronts us with the fact that we are just another animal species: something that even secular humanists fail to understand. Their neochristian programming still carries atavisms, the dragon’s tail as it were, of the old religion of our parents. Himmler, or whoever wrote the SS pamphlet we reproduced in The Fair Race, hit the nail on the head when he said that the revolution of understanding this sort of thing could be far more cataclysmic than the Copernican revolution. Hence the relevance, I would add, of approaching the human being from the point of view of zoology, as Morris does.

When I finish making these changes, I will add an entry containing the revised PDFs and delete the PDFs I’ve linked to in the featured post. So, in time, these books will remain as didactic as the science course I took at the OU the previous century: a time when you didn’t see so many people of colour in Manchester.