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Astronomic doublethink

Doublethink is a neologism that appears in George Orwell’s novel 1984, and is part of the lexicon of so-called Newspeak. It is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory ideas as correct, often in contradiction with their own memories or sense of reality. White nationalism is a perfect example that illustrates the meaning of this Orwellian term:

There is not a single non-white who ever expresses outrage or denounces the members of their race who murder, mug and rape white people. I’d even chance to say it’s not ‘normie whites’ who bother to publicly denounce these acts of their race, but terminal white liberals, white racialists or ‘fellow white people’ aka jews. Ultimately it doesn’t matter even if these non-white groups denounced their rapists, terrorists, murderers because every non-white body on white territory is an act of war. Every non-white body means fewer white people. —Verdigris

Virtue signalling isn’t confined just to white liberals. Those here weeping about all the black ‘people’ this horrible racist young white man killed are engaging in it too. No doubt this will qualify them for a kiss from the crucified rabbi when their shades float up to heaven. —Robert Morgan

The American white nationalist ideology represents such astronomical doublethink (anti-Semites obeying the moral precepts of the Jew who wrote the gospel) that if their doublethink could be measured it would reach Pluto. —C.T.

Follow Morgan on The Unz Review for continued updates on how, through Christian ethics, the normies and semi-normies he rebuts are part of the problem, not the solution (I include white nationalists in the ‘semi-normies’ group).

2 Replies on “Astronomic doublethink

  1. Indeed, Darwinism gives us a stark choice: conquer this planet for Whites, or go the way of extinction. Every black is consuming resources that could be better spent upon Whites. Most Whites—even most White nationalists— though, do not have the stomach for this type of Darwinistic Armageddon. Technology makes segregation impossible. White Imperium is the only answer.

    1. I’ll agree that most Whites don’t have the stomach for what needs to be done. The bigger problem is they’ll turn on those that do have the stomach for it because of “optics” (WN types) or their morality (Christians.) Apparently, revolutionaries are supposed to combat genocide by not hurting/offending the perpetrators AND look stylish while doing it. Can someone explain to me how that’s supposed to work?