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Spoken words fly away, written words remain

A response to Jamie’s latest comment

In other words: National Socialist men shouldn’t have a publishing house on this continent, really?

What about the scandal in white nationalism, that the most important non-fiction book of the last century by an American (William Pierce’s racial history, Who We Are) is still unpublished?

How is it possible that they haven’t even written a scholarly counterpart to Leonard Zeskind’s about the history of the American racialist movement?

As I recently commented about the German NS booklets, there should have been a house that published splendid translations with such beautiful fonts, type of paper and covers that reading them would be a literary treat. With all the money the Bund spent on the camps, wasn’t it possible to use some of it for a modest, albeit careful publisher?

What is left of American National Socialism after the government took down the Bund, and Rockwell was assassinated when I was a child? Nothing that a normie is aware of. Don’t you know the proverb from a speech of senator Caius Titus to the Roman Senate: Verba volant, scripta manent?

3 Replies on “Spoken words fly away, written words remain

  1. Cesar, thanks for your response.

    What I meant to say is that the idea of a publishing house would have gone to waste in the USA.

    Probably, somewhere else would have been better, like Canada. I am not sure about that.

    But taking into account that men of extraordinary will power and intelligence like Pierce or Rockwell didn’t succeed in their paths as National Socialists, is a huge red flag of the country that cannot be ignored.

    This a quote I read from Knut Hamsun book “The cultural life of Modern America” where he cites what the poet Robert Buchanan said about his countrymen:

    “a nation in which the artistic sense is quite dead, a nation which has practically no literature, which is indifferent to all religions, which is corrupt from one end to the other, from the highest pinnacle of public life down to the lowest stratum of society, which is at once thin-skin’d under criticism and bloodthirsty to criticise, which worships the dollar and material power in all its forms, which despises conventional forms and is itself a slave to the most ignoble fashions, which is too hasty to think for itself and therefore lives glibly off the tag ends of second-hand philosophy that is imported from Europe .”

    To which, Hamsun added:

    “I do not contend that these words are exaggerated; on the contrary, I
    think they are quite accurate.”.

    These men spoke in a era long before Jewry took control over the American mass media.

    The swamp has always been there. It is insane to try to build a National Socialist foundation on it and hope it would not sink.

    1. I disagree with Kerr’s words that he used in bold in the previous post for the reasons you mention. I mean the modest and long-awaited goal of founding an NS publishing house on this continent: the first small step in challenging Murka.

  2. Regarding a National Socialist Verlag in North America, we do have something close – Antelope Hill Publishing. They’ve translated/published works of Richard Walter Darre, Wilfred Bade, and Leon Degrelle. Even Wyndham Lewis’ tribute to Hitler has found a new printing via AH (initials not by accident) Publishing.

    What we really need is a complete English translation of all Das Schwarze Korps issues. That and proper translations of the SS pamphlets you’ve been reading. The ones I’ve read retain German grammar with English vocabulary. Very shoddy.